Greta Christina – Why Are You Atheists So Angry? – VIDEO






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Hamish Leckie

I’m not angry, I laugh at the way non Atheists have ruined the world beyond

Progressive Secular Humanist



good lecture…looks like she walked out of a kids in the hall sketch


Atheists are angry at STRAW MEN… Smh.

Ryan Smith

Amazing……….. tell us how you feel! You hit everything that pisses me
off on the head. Oh if atheists are the new morons, what does that make the
shallow swimming scum of the religious (those who cannot see throught there
own shit).


atheists are the true modern day morons – being angry gets their point
across – in their own minds. I could care less if you atheitards are angry
or not – even some serial killers are quite courteous and are typically
smart – but they are atheists to the core. atheists will start frothing at
the mouth again. lol


Atheism and autism are linked. Anger is a part of autism. Thus, this is why
atheists are so angry and unwilling to engage in that free thought they
claim to hold to actually learn about that which they oppose. Being
autistic, atheists are unable to rationally, reasonably, calmly engage in
civil discourse; disagreement simply extracts angry outbursts from
atheists. Just look at Greta’s response to people, atheist, theist and
everyone in between, to those who disagree with her on the Zimmerman case.
Something is not functioning quit right in her mind. In fact some atheists,
like Sam Harris, advocate murdering those with whom they disagree.

Eugene Lishnevsky

Brilliant talk! Amazing! Probably the best I have heard on the subject.

Please reshare so that as many people as possible can see it.

#atheism #religion

BTW, we are winning! :)

Michael Weston

I love the idea that the religious will say” you will burn for all time,
demons shall torture you” and then wonder why anyone would be upset by
that and ask why are you so angry? 

Keith Wilson

This is a great video, also its not just anger is frustrating talking to
religious people because of their unwillingness to look at eveidence or see
that there may be something wrong with their beliefs

Michael Seo

She is definitely angry

mark harris

I’ve posted this before – but I’ll post this again -because it so spot on


Mark M nailed it. Prayers are being hacked by Satan! That totally explains
why praying is exactly as effective as watching tv, reading a book or

Count Zander

Flabby grandma arms.

Jin Okubo
Joseph Nordenbrock

Good pep talk and debate ammo. This IS very good !!

Sandra Bass

Religion is the human interpretation of God and what they have decided He
wants and means without spiritual guidance. Jesus hated religion too, all
or most all of the Pharisees (Jewish religious high priests and teachers)
wanted Him dead. Religion is not what all Christians believe in, so do more
homework, your not done yet, you came ill prepared.


I don’t think Atheists are angry, I think we are tired…tired of hearing
the same lame arguments that have been debunked and proven wrong but they
still use because they have nothing else to argue with. I was a more
militant Atheist debating religious people and pointing out their
hypocrisies but then I said forget it and now just quietly laugh like its
an inside joke every time I hear them say or do something that goes against
their religion and they don’t even notice it or care. I think we should
just Praise Odin XD.


Queer children? 

Richard Haust

Lesbian, butch women with tattoos are angry.

Atheists aren’t angry. Atheists aren’t a group, they disbelieve theism.


Flying Spaghetti Monster bless you all! May His noodley appendages wrap
about you and entice you into the warm, saucey peace of His glorious




Why are Christians so angry? They usually damn to hell everyone who
disagrees with their worldview.

Casparus Kruger

She has great arguments. If she lost the foul mouth it would increase her
credibility a thousand times.


Only in America! Meaning only in America could there be such a diverse and
enthused reponse. Granted I wanted to jump up too .. especially the part
about “having to learn what you believe to have constructive argument”.(
although invariably pointless). It is my opinion that in Western Europe
the turn out would be significantly less and attendants may think it is
more about LGT issues than generically mainstream America.


I stand and applaud this woman for an infinite amount of time.

PMan H

Yet, consider this: Over 75% of the Earth’s population consider themselves to be “religious”, and still our world is constantly plagued with war and other scourges. Some of us feel the need to spread a message of that there is “no God”, yet stop and just imagine for a moment of what the world would be like, if there was no longer any “religious people”. People would no longer be concerned with the notion of an “afterlife punishment in hell” or accountability of their actions, whatsoever. Would you want your child (and their children) to live in a world where… Read more »

Harold Andres Vallejo Belalcazar

It pisses me off so much to know so much about religion. Well… If
everything goes to hell I’ll become a priest.

John Roper

When I was an Atheist, I wasn’t mad at religion – I just didn’t care what religion thought. I wouldn’t care if people believed in the tooth fairy. The fact that you care shows that there is something else involved. Most of what she says is total nonsense. Talk about your straw men! Look at how atheist communist countries treat their own people. Human beings use whatever cause to abuse and hate each other. Religion has no monopoly on this. When I was an atheist I was unhappy and depressed, in fact suicidal. Now that I am a theist I… Read more »

Tineke van Bergen

I’m so happy to live on the other side of the Ocean. Born as a fourth
generation atheïst in The Netherlands, the only way Christianity interferes
with my daily life is by the church bells that woke me up this morning. Our
prime minister is an atheïst and nobody cares.

Luiz Maranhao

I’m angry because I was brainwashed as a child to think that there was a
Supreme Being. My school taught me religion. But nobody bothered to teach
me evolution and Natural Selection. Now, I’m a grown up and realized that I
wasted 40 years of my life sleep walking. But the funny thing is: I always
laughed about virgin births, raising the dead, multiplying the food, etc…
I always doubted it. Even as a child.

Fluffy Gungan

I’m not really an atheist (I consider myself an agnostic), but you do realize that the obvious counter-question to yours is: *”Why Are You Religious People So Dumb?”* I don’t know whether there’s a god or not, but there’s no solid proof supporting it. To accept something as the “ultimate truth” without any proof whatsoever, is dumb. To not even allow it to be questioned or challenged, is dumb. To start conflicts and wars because someone has a slightly different religion than yours, is dumb. The whole concept of religion and all the problems it causes is just dumb and… Read more »


I am angry about my adopted sister being accused of witchcraft and being
excommunicated, sent to the countryside, deprived from her education,
stigmatized and ruined, on accusations from a “SERVANT OF GOD”; See all it
took was one delusional shepherd and a herd of sheep to ruin the life of my


I may have missed it, but why didn’t you mention male genital mutilation as
it is also a religious practice? Circumcising a male at birth even for
medical reasons is wrong, we should allow the guy to choose for himself if
he wants to get circumcised.

Thomas Lara



“The fanatical atheists are like slaves who are still feeling the weight of their chains which they have thrown off after hard struggle. They are creatures who—in their grudge against traditional religion as the “opium of the masses”—cannot hear the music of the spheres.” — Albert Einstein Most atheists were once religious and through the process of deconverting they sustain emotional damage. Not to mention that in some cases they have to deal with loved ones and people they know who reject them for abandoning their faith. Beliefs are concepts that are created in our consciousness, or mind, and transcend… Read more »

Iso herra

And U.S.A is called an “civilized” country.


I really dislike the fact that she mentions that female circumcision is
terrible, which it obviously is, but doesn’t mention male circumcision
which is much more prevalent, and many only do it because of religious
reasons. Why not just say that circumcision is terrible? Why specify female
circumcision? Isn’t it kind of messed up that infant boys have a knife
taken to their penis for nothing more than what seems to be cosmetic

I was seeing her last night but I got interrupted.