Wow… a Texas gun dealer who actually possesses common sense! Who knew they existed? – VIDEO


Texas Gun Dealer: ‘Open Carry Tarrant County is Like the Demonic Offspring of Westboro Baptist Church and Boko Haram’ (Video) (via Americans Against The Tea Party) “Rich,” an Oklahoma gun dealer who runs a YouTube channel where he discusses a variety of gun-related topics, is a strong advocate of open carry. In fact, he approves of it so much that he recently spoke out about the situation that has recently…



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Common sense??, Carrying a gun into a supermarket / You are joking right??

Dude, was being facetious, he’s in TEXAS!! 😛

At least he’s openly calling out the Open carry idiots for their stupidity that’s extreme by their standards. The NRA did the same thing but then backtracked, because they were afraid of bad press from the inside. It’s a sad state of affairs.