Gun idiots are suing for the right to approach passing cars fully armed… – GUESS WHICH STATE! – VIDEO


Two weeks ago, Open Carry Tarrant County in Texas threatened legal action and now they’re following through by suing over an ordinance they feel is directed at their group after they have approached vehicles on the street with rifles strapped across their backs. You see, scaring the living shit out of someone is their winning strategy. Their ‘look at me’ protest with vehicles is to hand out copies of the Constitution, because they must think the public has no idea where to get one of those.                             Led by Kory Watkins (in the picture above with his rifle pointed at his foot), the group just sued Arlington in Fort Worth federal court, claiming the ordinance redo is infringing upon its First Amendment rights to talk about the Second Amendment to passers-by (usually, while heavily armed),  The Dallas Morning News reports.  Here’s Kory with his ‘fellow patriots’: Let’s play out this scenario since obviously the brainless brigade has not. The driver of the vehicle is me. I have been brutally mugged in the past, that’s a fact. So, I’m naturally cautious of morons approaching me. Let’s say I’m […]



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Scrawny little fuck isn’t he.
No wonder he needs those guns to feel really big and stwong 😉