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Mr. Bubbles

Should I see saving private ryan?

Clawshot 1

I love your vids but could you change your intro music

Question Your World

I love your movie reviews. You go in depth and are pretty thorough.

kimisho soup

in gone get you HOME !!!

John “thebeast52” beason

Loved this movie


i liked how they handled the Christian aspect in the movie, I really hate when more generic Christain movies like God's not dead 1&2 where it steps on everyone and everything to basically dick slap you in the face with "God's real bitch if you don't believe then you're a evil heathen who wants to tear him down", this movie did the god aspect very well and i felt like it enhanced the movie overall. no doubt some atheists will pick it apart but there's no need too its just a good movie let it be just that

King Sabretooth

Please change your intro music.