Hannity got his hypocritical panties in a bunch again thanks to Jon Stewart… – VIDEO


Sean Hannity calls Jon Stewart a “Sanctimonious Jackass” for Mocking Fox News’ Spring Break Coverage

Sean Hannity does not like John Stewart, and, once again, put that on display Wednesday night when he went after Stewart for mocking him and Fox for their “coverage” of Spring Break.

Hannity often goes after Spring Break with the tenacity and determination of Patricia Pulling hunting down Dungeon Master’s Guides. It’s like Spring Break killed his dog with a massive tankard of alcohol one summer’s eve. In this particular case, however, he was patting himself on the back for getting a single city in Florida to ban alcohol on its beaches for one month next year.

The story of how the ban happened is a comedy of errors unto itself. The City Council of Panama City Beach unanimously voted on a series of measures that would curb alcohol consumption on the beaches during Spring Break in 2016.

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