“Has Atheism Become Anti-Theism?”?? – VIDEO


This is a tough subject to talk about an I imagine this video will ruffle a few feathers…But based on my research into conspiracy theories and the “grand narrative” it shows; it is apparent to me that there is a spiritual dimension to our existence, and this is a testimony in itself to the existence of God.



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Yes, just look at Richard Dawkins.  It' pathetic how far he goes.

In any case, congrats on your new awareness and welcome :)

Bad Girl

You are literally ridiculous.

Jesus Christ

Has Atheism Become Anti-Theism?
Credits to UnderstandingConspiracy


English is my 3rd language but I will try to explain key concept of your conclusions from my philosophic perspective of view.You said that Creator have consciousness, so we assume that creator of all beings is mystery of universe, so if something have consciousness, something else need to create that something with consciousness, than who is creator of creator ?That is mystery of everything, and it is impossible to prove anything.That is two mirrors effect when they are faced to each other, there is no answer, it is a black hole. Atheist is right exactly the same as religious or… Read more »


there is certainly the possibility of god or gods, but there is not the knowledge of them. This is where we part ways i think, that experience for me is not believing. In one of the books of Vatism there is a passage about psychedelic drugs: "the thing about psychedelic drugs is that the reality they present to you when under their influence, is just another different filter on reality, no more or less true than the regular filter, as its no closer to a reality which transcends description, categorisation or conception, which really real reality does… it's unsurprising that… Read more »

Keith Keith

You say the Atheist's perception of God is "cruel and vindictive" – They may have read the bible.  Have you?  If so how do you explain God's constant demands  for war, death and despicable war crimes against numerous civilian populations? I understand that some parts of the bible may be moral – but vast amounts are utterly vile even absurd.  I know that in Jeramiah (I think) God says he never asked for sacrifices and the piece from Ephesians you read I couldn't argue with but St Paul also says political authority is appointed by God and Christians should be obedient. to it. I'm… Read more »

Cherry Dee

+UnderstandingConspiracy  Great testimony brother.. I am happy to hear what you have finally come to understand and choose. Thank you for sharing this with the world.. 🙂
May The Most High Bless you and your family.


Claims to have been an atheist, doesn't have a clue what an atheist is….
This guy is full of shit.
Way too much drugs!

Gaurinathan Poetry

Who is the guy you recommended? I can't understand the name(s) you give (18:00)… Thank you. (I'd like to connect somehow btw, good work..)

Black Bubbles (Jimmy Blue Devil)

Christianity is the new age nerd


What a beautiful testimony, brother! Thank you for sharing, and for making this video. Based on your video testimony, you have no doubt traveled quite a long way on your spiritual journey to today; and by God's grace the Son of God, Christ Jesus, Emmanuel, has been revealed in you. Praise the LORD that He has found you, and saved you out of this perishing pagan spiritual deception. Your testimony really made my day. Now that you know that God is real, and that you are one of His Redeemed sons, the next step is to grow-up to be fashioned… Read more »


I can prove that God is real. I have undeniable evidence beyond a reasonable doubt that gives 100% proof and I'll give it to anybody…

I'll give you the proof if you give me 1 sound reason I should not kill you first.

Colin Selfridge

well spoken, I must say…….very difficult concepts to explain clearly and you did. I'm starting to realize there is a fraction of atheists who know this truth and yet completely reject it with the goal of misleading as many of the more gullible as they can…..Guys like Bill Nye and Richard Dawkins know exactly what they are doing they have sold their souls and I believe 100% they are intentionally misleading people and they themselves no way believe the shit they are preaching.

Luca Hulot (Akle)

then you're a deist ?

Luca Hulot (Akle)

no no no…
humans invented god…

Gary Carr

Sounds like Atheism vs Christianity+Woo+Few to many drug augmented trips. You are allowed your beliefs based on your "personal experience". Your experience is not convincing.

Don't keep such an open mind that you brains fall out and you start finding conspiracies under every rock. We are a pattern seeking species and sometimes there really isn't one. 

The same people susceptible to conspiracy theories often seem to be  disproportionately religious people, makes me wonder.