Haven’t heard the GOP’s plan for handling the unemployed? Here ya go…



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What’s plan B?

Exactly, Simon! If you’re gonna talk shit, you better have a better option.

There is a middle ground between being a tit sucking government slave, and being a isolationist crony capitalist. I don’t see the government tilling the fields for us down in Texas, but we aren’t starving either.

Look who’s talking about talking shit. You fucking kidding Martin? Now you’re saying that there’s a middle ground? Uber-selfish, “I got mine, fuck you”, “Keep your hands off mah gunz” libertarian?? Thanks for the laugh.

But I would LOVE to hear what you think this “middle ground” you speak of is… Please… enlighten us. 🙂

In the UK it’s the opposite, a lot of my “friends” (I don’t really associate with them) choose not to work as benefits can be as high as the lowest paid jobs. Genuine job seekers should get all help available to survive and keep housing and get back to work as soon as possible.

So what are you saying Ralph, that because some of your “friends” play the system, everybody does? BTW, UK’s unemployment rate has actually stayed pretty flat since 2008, peaking at just over 8% in 2011. It’s currently still hovering at 7.5% about the same as EU’s average, and WAY lower than Ireland’s unemployment rate.

And currently, it’s about a point higher than the US. Only difference is that minimum wage in the UK is a good 20% higher than US, and health care is free. BIG differences.

Yeah I do agree the system is much more generous for working class in here and much better than the US, where people could be simply left dying in the street! I agree that the US should care about the poor much much more!
Still, unfortunately some people here learned how to pretend to be jobseekers for a lifetime and it’s an easy way out for them… One of my “no-friends”
Neither is good btw!

One of my such “no-friends” said he wouldn’t go to work unless minimum wage is over 10 pounds, even though it’s already much higher than in the US and most of the western world. And his mum has two houses on mortgage after his late dad which are being paid off by tenants. He will die richer than I even though he hasn’t worked more than a year in his life…

Ralph, there are always going to be leechers. There are ways and means to keep their numbers low. You don’t punish a whole class of people because of the abuses of a few. I’m FAR from a proponent of a “welfare state”, but I do believe that there need to be real programs in place to keep people from falling into extreme poverty. Furthermore, by simply raising the minimum wage to a livable level, a wage that people can actually LIVE on without public assistance (as is the problem in the US), then that boosts the economy big time, and… Read more »