He’ll tamper with anything that he can get his tiny hands on…


House Democrats just accused Trump of using FOX News for Russia probe witness tampering

Three high-ranking Democratic Congressional Chairmen just issued a grave warning to President Trump for what he said in an erratic interview on Fox News last night (video below).  This past Thursday, Trump’s convicted former personal lawyer Michael Cohen agreed to testify in public to the House Oversight Committee on February 7th, surely infuriating the President. Tell Speaker Pelosi and Senator Schumer to stand firm. Don’t give in to Trump’s ransom demand for a stupid wall! Last night, Donald T…

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FAUX and FIENDS have been advising Trump all along on what to do,, what policies to take, etc. whether it’s good for the country or more often than not, bad for the country. Putin is the head puppetmaster, but Sean Hannity, Jeanine Pirro and Laura Ingraham are the henchman and henchwomen who have been all too happy to nudge Trump this way or that, so that they can push their agenda.


Give him the Blow by Blow System!

Ima Farmer

More what about ism

bob smith

russia russia russia!!!! mrs hilldabeast monster clintons Vast left wing conspiracy!!!!!!

bob smith

silly senile loony liberal demonRATs need to look in the mirror!!!!!! ALL going to gitmo SOON!!!!

Marnie Mutascio

Trump is digging a hole so deep that the swamp he created smells like flowers compared to the stench Trump has created

mark harrowfield

How many times has trump obstructed justice to many to count arrest now

Lou Hutson

Let me guess…those idiots at FOX and friends, Hannity, and Pirro. They'd be my guess as the main culprits.

Jeff Heelan

Omg! You fools actually believe this phony video.inwatched judge Jeannie show and the president was not ranting about anything.

Rich Shackelford

Agent 45 would never do any thing ILLEGAL. LOL

The Hypnotoad

Coulter and Limbaugh of Fox and Fools are complicit in the shutdown, it was at their prodding trump got stupid .

The Hypnotoad

Trump can't stand to be exposed, he wants to sue everybody who says a bad word about him, he's such a fuckin child!

Terri Freeman


Bob Hill

Here is why trump is talking with Putin and hushing all…..when trump gets indicted Putin gives him asylum to Russia it’s plain and simple the trumptard will hop on his plane and head for Russia!

Vincent Hood

If proven trump worked with Russo for the election the supreme court needs to be split fairly !! Amongst other things !!

Ford LTD


richard wallace


judith coleman

Please Trump spare us the fake indignity. You look guilty as hell and most of us aren't stupid, even if you think we are. Same goes for that surly bitch Sara Sanders.

Gene Hess

Clearly 25 year Democrat walked with Martin Luther King and got hit in head Do need say any more are is Racist.

Robin Hager

He just can't keep his big traitor mouth shut can he!!

Wado Waleli

When you have to ASK a seated President if he's a Russian agent or actively involved with Russia, something is very seriously wrong. The truth is, Trump has given us plenty of reason to suspect that he IS, or at least that something unexplained is going on behind the scenes. So it boils down to this: if it quacks like a duck, it probably IS a duck, but if that duck protests that it is not, indeed, a duck, but keeps quacking like one, then maybe some duck "experts" can resolve the question. Enter the FBI, the very same one… Read more »

Boogie Loo

Hope they serve arrest warrants for Pirro. Her loud mouth ha pushed the boundaries since Day one and she needs to understand that partisan nonsense including breaking the law through witness intimidation has consequences. She's a former prosecutor and know better.

Ralph Goff

Witness tampering on the air! What a complete moron! I hope the use the videotape of this CRIMINAL ACTION during Trump's own trial

Randall Bryant

This pathetic ignorant draft dodging coward is a sleazeball! He committed treason in Helsinki and he showed the world he is a fukn traitor! He’s a sexual predator, a corrupt used car salesman! Hang him high and dry!

Jay Gray

Oh, big deal. Just add it to the pile. No surprises here, he didn't do anything different than he has since becoming president and so far he's getting away with it. He won't stop even after his sorry ass is run out of office. I don't think he'll spend a day in prison as much as I'd like to see it. Cohen's doing it for him. Watch trump crawl out from under the ash heap and slither away.