I hope I know what I’m getting myself into…


So it begins. A new blog. (Oh no… not another one!!)

Though this blog is new, I’m not at all new to blogging. I’ve been keeping a fairly active blog of my boat and all the antics associated with that life since 2004. Over the years, it became a fixture in my life, just like my boat did. While the original purpose of the blog was to be basically a “travelogue” of my (and my then-wife’s) antics as we sailed the seas, it evolved into a much more personal journal. Especially after experiencing incredible loss and tragic turns of events not long after it launched. It became my outlet, my way of “making sense of it all”.

I also came to appreciate what writing brought me, and others, by way of the Andiamo blog. Within a couple of years, I had a surprisingly loyal following of readers. Some who would email me out of the blue if I didn’t update the blog within a month or so. It was quite a revelation. Seemed that people liked the strange drivel that I was posting.

Now, more than seven years later, I’m finding myself exploring new horizons in writing. New levels of creativity and expression. New ways of verbalizing my ever-shifting opinions and worldviews. And yes, new ways of trying to put some very insane thoughts, notions and musings, into words.

Though I have always loved writing, I never really took it seriously until the Andiamo blog became what it did. Now, I shall strive to make it an even more focused part of my life. I have placed some tough goals on myself in this regard. I suspect it will be an interesting journey. Hope you’ll come along.


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Good luck with this project. Looking forward for some entertaining reading! 🙂