Hemant Mehta – Atheism in Hollywood… VIDEO





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A funny, but not “atheist” movie was The Invention of Lying. It’s relevant
because it’s in an alternative world where humans are incapable of lying,
and as such, never invented religion lol

Arto Pekkanen

I object movies that would portray atheists as victims. Playing the victim
card is the worst dick move to do. If we want an agenda of reason, it needs
to be put there honestly, without any cheap social justice tricks.


Not atheism but rather rational thinking is bad for business there


I recommend The Man From Earth. It’s not really about atheism, but it’s
clearly anti-theist and pro-science… in a way. It’s a little bit science
fiction. But the film just takes place in one room mostly, 12 Angry Men


Christianity is a bunch of mythical stories. Atheism is a position on the
validity of christianity (or any other religion). Or in other words, in the
bible there are giants and dragons, in “God delusion” there are hypothesis
regarding book about giants and dragons. How is that for a movie material?


I’m Christian and find really silly to spend 130 millions dollars for a
movie about Noah.

About what you are saying, most of the characters in movies seems apatheist
or atheist by their attitude.


A couple of big budget hollywood movies with heavy atheistic connotations.
The Grey.
The invention of lying.

akli maron

“The Invention of Lying”
plus: humanism =/= atheism


I also think that a good story about atheism would be about religions but
from the other side. How it all works as a cult and every single popular
religion uses the same tricks to control its followers. Even better would
be a movie about loosing faith. That was quite an experience for me and I
think it’d be helpful to see a movie like that at the time. 

bill hay

Christianity is so easily exploited.

Michael Anthony

I don’t believe in god, but I love the classic 10 commandment movie 


the golden compass was boycotted in america and that boycott caused the
cancellation of the continuations. 

Raziel Silver

I can’t speak for Krauss, obviously, but I would say that the evidence of Hollywood’s bias towards religion is the fact that a good majority of their movies tend to make assumptions about religious and non-religious people. Even though the majority of them are not religious movies, the characters are almost overwhelmingly religious, usually Christian and the few times the faith topic is less background a lot of the time they tend to make the non-believer someone that is either mentally or morally deficient if not outright evil or the antagonist. That and the fact that a lot of the… Read more »


The Invention of Lying. 2001: A Space Odyssey. Any movie version of a Kurt
Vonnegut novel.


I think the best bet for a pro-atheism movie is one where the people
blindly follow a (fictional) religion and the hero’s use of reason helps
him realize the truth about the religion. I say a fictional religion so
that it can be taken metaphorically and not directly insult anyone while
still getting people to think and allowing religious people to enjoy the
movie while it plants the seed of doubt.


So Mr. Mehta, when my novel about two time traveling atheists gets
published will you read it and give it a review to forward atheist writing?
Even if you have to say it is the most horrible PoS in history to be
honest? (Grins big.)


Well, I suppose you could create dramas about some heroic atheists trying to save women accused of being witches from the Inquisition. And of course, the topic of Jihadists is always easy to make action movies about. I think perhaps the main problem here isn’t that atheists don’t have good stories, it’s that atheism is an oppositional stance and that will alienate many movie goers. While you can do that with Islam and not lose a ton of money, because Islam is so tiny in the US, generally creating movies that harshly oppose large demographics doesn’t make economic sense for… Read more »


To be fair, myths and supernatural stuff are kind of more interesting than
most other things. But there’s rarely ever a good character in a movie
that’s atheist. Either they’re religious or their religion or lack thereof
isn’t called into focus. That should be a focus.

Muzzy A

I think we should make a movie about evolution. The movie may depict a
different kind of evolution that is based on a different kind of substance
than carbon. That seems very speculative to me if people really want to see
imagination coming into life.

Danielle Baker

I watched The Ledge, I really liked it.

Josh P.

I think just like Hemant said it’s all about money. Though i think it’s
more than just storytelling that they like, i think a religious person
likes to go to movies about their religion because it may help to to bring
out their spirituality and make them feel a little more confident in their
faith. I mean with all the empirical evidence coming from the science side
of the field they just need a little bit a reassurance for their baseless


Many movies feature things about the supernatural, which religion naturally
falls into. And what real mystery can we bring, compared with religion? I
mean, there’s plenty of mystery in the universe, but how do you put that in
a movie without making another sherlock?

Rose Havok

I love watching the old Hollywood epics like Ben-Hur and Land of the Pharoahs, but I never regarded them as true. I always saw them as stories that were amazing to watch. It’s kinda sad that now there are all these Christian movies coming out that they’re like THESE ARE THE TRUTH, I SWEAR IT. I’d love to watch a film centered on atheism, I just have no idea how they’d do one where it wasn’t “Person is Christian. Person becomes doubtful. Person leaves faith and becomes an atheist.” because I feel like Christians would find it completely offensive and… Read more »


A movie about an atheist running for president. But let’s keep it real, we
know how it ends already.

Truth Seeker

You can’t compare with the Bible. I’m waiting for the
BLOCKBUSTER…..REVELATIONS. I want the 7 headed Dragon, the Sea Monster,
the Whore of Babylon, etc. Put Tom Cruise in it and make in 3D. It will
make a Billion dollars.

Chris Miller

Atheism has such a negative connotation that goes along with it that I
don’t think an atheist movie would do well in the box offices. I can see it
now: Fox News would do segment after segment about it saying how atheism is
somehow some evil thing and that Hollywood is filled with the devil. It’s
not gonna happen as long as religious psychos infest this country.


Its simple…people mostly go to movies to be entertained by something spectacular that they don’t see in normal, every day life. Reality usually doesn’t make for good theater. When we go to the movies we want to get away from reality and see imagination come to life. At least I do anyway. I’m even kinda interested in the Noah movie just for the Hollywood spectacle just as I’m interested in big movies about any other fantastic myth. I also think that desire to see imagination become reality drives many people to WANT to believe religion, superstition, magic, ghosts, alien abduction,… Read more »


The only atheist movie I can think of is The Invention of Lying 

Derek TDH

Don’t forget the movie being made about how a christian high school group
that wasn’t allowed to form because of some angry science teachers (I don’t
know the name yet) but it sounds a lot like that atheist high school group
that wasn’t allowed to form because of religious pressures recently. 

Steve Mac

There’s nothing wrong with you exercising your free-will in choosing to be
an Atheist…. TIME will eventually clear the issue & the consequences will
be of your own making… but stop politicising it…. same parallel with
gay rights. 

Pj magz

Make a movie about the conversion from Christianity to Atheism 

Adam Mcclelland

Whenever there’s an atheist character on TV they seem to make sure that
they have a religious experience at some point. 

Stephanie Blue

I think a good idea for s movie centered around atheism would tell the
stories of multiple people all experiencing various things but from an
atheist perspective. So you have a child experiencing the death of a parent
and someone explains what death actually means, a couple falling in love, a
natural disaster, so on and so forth but the premise of the movie is that
everyone in it is an atheist. The stories wouldn’t intersect and there
would be no grand miracle or message but life would continue just as it

Joe Smith

Here is though to ponder: make movies about parts of the bible that
christians ignore. Like sanctioned killing of children, human sacrifice,
or the other crazy laws that are laid down in the old testament that
christians are supposed to follow but don’t.

Alan Huynh

Don’t forget star trek TNG! classic show that actually stated religion as
being a negative thing. Great commentary! 

Tyler Eschberger

Well, I highly doubt “Noah” will be what people think it is. The director
isn’t a believer.

Rohan Mital

OMG! Oh My God is a great movie. It is not however a hollywood movie as it
was created in India. It criticizes hinduism but does touch upon some
christianity and islam. Another one I would recommend is The Man Who Sued

Pablo Escobar

On “Star Trek: The motion picture” the probe voyager 6 is seen as a
god-like entity (the creator). Science fiction normally works around
skeptic premises.


Be it a story from the Bible or a Harry Potter movie, people like Fantasy,
and they always seem to do great in sales. And to be honest I want to see
the new NOAH, it looks pretty good.

Jacob Zentichko

They should make a movie telling Dan Barker or Jerry DeWitt’s life story.

Jean Ely

Lots of great Reason stories. Copernicus! Galileo! People burned at the
stake for their beliefs– you could invent one who escapes, for the
feelgood ending. 

Damian Jonsson

Rather than that, why don’t they make more movies that are somewhat anti-religious, but still have a good story. Like Kingdom of Heaven. Sure, it has a lot of Christian material in it, but it truly shows how religion is used to control, and is taken to an extreme. Perhaps movies about the middle ages, where they were burning and torturing people constantly – like the Spanish Inquisition j – to the point that even ardent Christians would say they were heretics – just to end the pain. Maybe a movie about a family trying to escape that? Plenty of… Read more »

James Ward

I have objections to myths that carry political weight. I don’t object to
religious doctrine that has no impact on my life but Hollywood doesn’t
make movies from biblical stories thru the lens of atheism. They do make
movies, from biblical stories, thru theological lenses, It should be clear
that there could be just as many biblical stories that could be screened
with an atheist twist as otherwise.