Hemant Mehta on evangelicals and their losing battles – VIDEO

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  1. None of the “christians” should be saying *anything* about the homosexual
    world. If they believe they’re an abomination because the bible says so and
    that these people will be punished by god, the homosexual world is not
    their problem.

    The fact that they’re so bothered and protestant against them only shows:
    1. How unfaithful they actually are, and 2. That they’re taking it
    personally while christianity is about god, not them. Absolute hypocrisy on
    two levels here.

  2. Atheist: w- where am I?
    God: Your are in the presence of God, and your name is not found in the
    book of life, you have a life of unrepentant sin, thus you have no part in
    my kingdom.
    Atheist: …..I…I have lived a moral life….
    God: You have done nothing for My kingdom, and nothing with My son Jesus,
    except mock His death! The very death that could have been your salvation.
    God: Your life was full of nothing but an obsession with sexual immorality,
    instead of an obsession with righteousness, you have much hate towards your
    family, your mouth always shouted out fowl words of cursing. Yet I recall
    you saying you could live a moral life, what happened?
    God: Oh but who am I to say these things, after all there is no such thing
    as sin, and I, God, don’t exist either. As a matter of fact that dark
    mysterious pit you see isn’t even Hell. There is no such thing as Hell,
    here would like me to show you that it’s not real?
    Atheist: ( begins to sob and tremble)
    God: why are you crying? And why are your fearful? I don’t exist I’m just a
    hologram, and Hell isn’t real either here I will even walk you to it.
    Atheist: (starts to run)
    God: why are you running I just want to show you that Hell is not real. (
    God picks up the atheist and tosses him in hell)
    Atheist: AHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!
    God: what do you mean it burns? Stop playing, Hell doesn’t exist.

  3. Evangelical Christians can open up and be inclusive to survive, or choose
    to pander to a demographically shrinking, but passionate anti-gay members.
    Very similar to Fox News, which is hemorrhaging younger viewers with
    radical right wing viewpoints, and then have to double down being right
    wing to keep the small audience they have. 

  4. I’ve got an even better idea. If you are a progressive person who thinks
    women, gays, and atheists should have equal rights, then you should stop
    calling yourself a Christian. Because the Bible is unequivocal on the
    subject of all three- women are second-class citizens, completely
    subservient to men, and gays and atheists are supposed to be killed for
    their sins. If you don’t believe in that, you’re a decent human being who
    is far more reasonable and moral than the hateful, ignorant, blood-thirsty
    writers of the Bible. 

  5. Hement, what you are proposing is to be a slurr-Christian. The faith is not
    something that should be twisted around like that. I consider myself a very
    progressive Christian, and I believe that I AM on the right side. My town
    is a dry town, has many churches, and a lesbian mayor. I have no problem
    with gay people and I would welcome them into my church and to be a friend.
    But I will never support gay marriage, because that is an uncompromisable,
    deep-rooted, moral issue. I am all for equality and rights, and I believe
    any man has a right to marry any woman, and vice versa.

  6. No, no, no. Christians, stick to your guns. You know you can’t pick and
    choose what god-given commands to follow. Don’t change anything. It’s a
    win-win. You’ll go to heaven, and your church will fade into irrelevance
    all the more quickly.

  7. Excellent as usual

    I’ll be happy when Christians admit that the whole noah / flood story is a
    nonsense that never happened

  8. Ya but the problem for them, even if they are progressive-minded, is that
    they’re tied to the religion and the book that says homosexuals should be
    executed. There’s no way around it. Sucks to be them, I guess.

  9. Leviticus 18 and 20
    Matthew 8
    Luke 7
    Sodom and Gommorah
    Matthew 19:8
    1 samuel
    Acts 8
    Does say its a homosexualty is a sin 

  10. Tracy Starr, actually this is the internet. There are people from many
    different countries on here.

  11. i am glad i live in a country where being gay is is normal. if somebody in
    my country says he is gay, the answer is mostly oke, or something like: so
    what? but if somebody says he dont like guys. peopl start calling that
    person a hater, and selfish bastard. even ouwer richt-politick are pro gay
    marrage. and why not. if you are against gays. you lose the ellection.(same
    for health care).

    my country you ask?
    the netherlands

  12. The homophobia in churches is based in a two-step political strategy that
    has been around far longer than Christianity. Create a disease, then sell
    the cure. The more the rest of the world accepts homosexuality, the tighter
    the bond becomes between the church and the parishioners they’ve terrified,
    because they become the only salvation from The Gays.

    These are the people of persecution complexes and martyrs—the more wrong
    they appear to be, the more effective their strategy.

  13. What is a progressive Christian other than someone who’s straying from the
    dogma of their superstition religion? Or did someone officially update
    their holy book without telling me?

  14. Who cares about gay marriage? stop talking about that nonsense.
    Marriage is just outdated irrelevant meaningless tradition. No one needs it.
    And why don’t you argue for polygamous marriage?
    Christians will think that evolution and atheism is a gay conspiracy or

  15. this is unrelated,but i don’t know why gay people would still want to be
    Christians.Gay people has always been discriminated against and killed
    because of Christianity.But i guess they the need to hold on to the
    biblical god,even though it says they should be stoned to death

  16. This is really silly, as an ex christian I can tell you that if one accepts
    homosexuality as a christian then they mightaswell giveup faith
    alltogether. there is absolutely no way for a christian (who lives by the
    bible) to accept it. the bible mentions homosexuality as sin. it also sais
    that one who accepts sin (does not hate sin) is not a follower of jesus dus
    cannot be a christian.

  17. Christians will NEVER accept gay people. The bible says homosexuality is a
    sin, and homosexuals don’t go to heaven. It also says at the end of the
    bible that anyone who tries to change anything in the Bible will burn in
    hell forever. Christians believe that if they accept gay people then they
    are changing what the bible says and will burn forever. Its fucking stupid
    but thats how Christianity works 

  18. Always remember that the US only lost like 2 major battles in Vietnam, yet
    they lost the war.
    Fundies are not playing to win battles, they are playing for territory:
    Creationism in school, sabotaging public education, spreading confusion,
    gaining political power, … They are doing frighteningly good on the
    territory side of things.

  19. well done again with this video. the world is changing from intolerance of
    Gay Sex, to acceptance that there never was anything wrong with it in the
    first place. 

  20. When you say “the majority of progressive christians still won’t [..]” at
    2:49 this only applies to the USA. In Europe we don’t have those
    controversies at all.
    It is pretty common and easy to be an atheist in Germany. But I am very
    biased, since I am a math student, and my social circle mostly consists of
    math/physics/biology students

  21. The simple explanation for why most evangelicals can’t get past this issue
    and move on to a more inclusive or tolerant approach is that it’s still
    good for business and a super tool for fundraising. Besides, if many of the
    leaders of this and other sects within the Christian faith didn’t have
    homosexuals to demonize, they’d have almost nothing to talk about (so it
    seems at times) and be left scrambling to find a new bogeyman to threaten
    and frighten their witless, deluded followers with. Plus, hating on gays
    dovetails almost perfectly with their deep, abiding and passionate loathing
    for “liberals” and everything they represent — it’s just such a wonderful
    twofer for them! 

  22. Why do social media constantly try to persuade society/ christians into
    accepting homosexuality? Homosexuality is not natural in my opinion.
    There’s nothing important about being gay but, if you are then good for
    you. Gays or homosexuals are people to; so treat them like you would want
    to be treated. Stop emphazing on their sexual preference cause lets face
    it; there are more important issues and concerns we all need to address.
    Every time someone says something bad about gays it becomes a problem like
    heterosexuals aren’t entitle to an opinion.

  23. Hello ‘The Atheist Voice’
    I must say, Christian’s stupid bible clearly states that homosexuality is a
    sin and sin is wrong. So if you want Christians to accept Sin, you’re
    essentially asking to pick and choosethings out of the bible, rather than
    accepting it. Christianity is founded on homophobia and I don’t think you
    understand that. There is no “progressive” Christian.. There is only one
    who understands his/her faith is retarded but has been brainwashed to much
    that they hang on to it, even though a majority of it is scientifically and
    morally wrong.

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