Henant Mehta and the 15 Things Christians Say to Atheists (And Shouldn’t) – VIDEO






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Ma St

“Where does the mountains come from”.. thats so utterly stupid…

Ma St

show us some evidence for that claim!

Ma St

you have no idea about evolution and what it is! Cause it is EXACTLY not what you wrote! go read a book about it!

Petr Stuchlý

technically, egg is juast a half of a potential baby… eggs are chicken periods XD

Xaphan Angel

Yet, somehow it’s okay to believe “Adam” came to being from dirt, and his wife “Eve” from his rib? Good luck with that.



He’s gotten out of bed again!


That, or else they were misrepresenting their religious views on the Census. I know at least two people who (independent of one another) always tick the Anglican box on the Census, because it’s the religion of their family. Neither one is or ever was a believer. I think the phrase is “a cultural Catholic”, and I guess another thing I wonder is to what extent that skews the statistics.

Jesus Way

Lol you Darwin guys admit you come from a piece of shit, from nothing. Yesterday you were a fish and now you are a perfect body, lol so funny. Please use your brain.

Commander Mint

I love the argument of several Christians who say, “The Big Bang must have a Divine direction and construction, because everything must have a creator. Hence, God.” but then when you ask, “Well by that logic, God must have a creator, who created God? Who created who created god? And so on?” and then they just say, “Well, God never had a creator. He is the creator.” But that logic goes against and contradicts the intial question. Christian logic… Wonderfully complicated and contradictory.


I have Both British and Australian nationality. Although belief in god is dropping, Australia is strongly Christian. In the 2011 Census, over 61% of the Australian population were recorded as Christian. Only 22.3% of people stated they had “no religious affiliation”
In Britain. the “No religion” group is around 40%, but, based on analysing the growth in atheism reported by British census data over many years, it is clear that to make those numbers, most of them used to be Christians.


I don’t think that’s true for every country. Lots of parts of Europe, plus Australia (where I am) have a relatively low proportion of religious families. You might be surprised how many areligious families are out there, kids and adults alike!


Definitely – I’d like to see the study undertaken with different population groups and in different countries.


Interesting, while Darwin started life as a Christian (like everyone else was back then), his voyage on the HMS Beagle and subsequent research helped him shed his religious beliefs.


I have read everything that Darwin ever wrote and a lot of what was written about him and I haven’t even found a hint of what you are claiming.
It’s very easy to make outrageous claims, without giving any evidence for those claims.
If you believe your claims are true. Give me your source for those claims. Be assured, I will thoroughly investigate them.


As statistically, most atheists were born into religious households and only became atheists after a number of years, and that has been my experience, with every atheist I know having once been a believer, I would say that the ratio between the two groups must be enormous.

Gage Wright

Where do you go when you die? Usually into a hole in the ground, where your body decomposes and becomes part of other organisms. Atoms in our bodies used to be part of dinosaurs and mammoths and all kinds of ancient creatures. Before that, everything was part of a singularity and everyone and everything was the exact same thing and time and place. We are everything and everyone and everywhen and everywhere, and that idea is way more amazing to me than anything religion has to offer.

Eze Ahuna

15 blood thirsty Christians dislike this video

Xaphan Angel

Indeed it was removed. I tend to ramble on sometimes, reviewing what I wrote, I figured it probably wasn’t relevant. The hypothesis I was talking about is called “Zero energy universe”. From what I understand positive energy is calculated from matter while negative energy is calculated from gravity. There are a few problems with the hypothesis, like limitation of the observable universe to point out one, though it’s an interesting concept none the less.

Hollow Ichigo

He fainted for your sins.

Hollow Ichigo

Have you accepted Arceus into your heart as your lord and savior?


No the argument I was making.


assuming you mean intellect, it doesn’t change the evolutionary part, it’s just like some animals evolve big teeth, some long legs, some big brains, some flat bodies, some eyes, some sonar. to us intellect is important, simply because it was always important to our survival. i agree that we should use it to it’s fullest extent, but it doesn’t make us more or less important or amazing than anything else.


Bullshit myth.

In fact, Darwin’s last words were, “I am not in the least afraid to die.”

And even if it was true, it’s irrelevant.


Minus the sapience, of course.


we’re not differently evolved… not anymore different than any other creature is different from others. we just evolved in this way, and it’s embarrassingly apparent that we’re very narcissistic and we keep telling our self how amazingly incredible and different and fantastic we are. if anyone said that about themselves you’d think they were the biggest douche in history. there’s nothing in evolution that is different in us. nothing.


1. Even if Darwin did deconvert on his deathbed its irrelevant, as it was done out of fear (whitch is understandable to a certain point)
2. People don’t just believe in Darwin and what he said. Tons of researches have been done since then, the fossil records are growing constantly and proofs of evolution are litterally everywhere
3. please go to school

Stefan Travis

“Darwin started believing in God on his deathbed.”


And irrelevant.



You sayeth the truth.


Haha, I don’t blame the guy who wrote the bible. I blame the people who read a pair of books, the first written starting 5000 years ago, and the second written 2000 years ago, and take it as a commentary applicable to the modern world.


Either way, even if he did convert on his deathbed, it only means he gave in to fear. No shame in being afraid of oblivion. We all ultimately are. It’s a source of why religion exists in the first place.


That he deconverted on his deathbed. Now I don’t remember, if it was only from Evolution to Creatardism, or from Atheism to Christianity too.


Which part?


I think that we have records of his family that stayed with him on his deathbed that debunk this myth.


Darwin started believing in God on his deathbed. While I’m sorry he did so, I should point out that he converted back to God in a moment of fear. He renounced his work at the moment when he was about to face the oblivion on the other end of life. I won’t cheapen his choice by calling it invalid, but it should be noted that Darwin converted back to Christianity at a moment when his reasoning could have been compromised by a very understandable and significant fear.


Oh look, a moron.


I find it interesting that America has so many Christians. Here in Norway you hardly ever find one, or notice it one is. I went to school with this girl for years and only now found out she is a Christian. I guess religions are more visible and strong in certain countries.

Alex Schrijnemaekers

Actually, that really does sound like an interesting idea. However, unless it is a multi-centered study, results cannot be extrapolated to whole populations.


Dude, sorry to burst your bubble, but Darwin started out believing in God and ended not believing in God – just like most of us atheists. So, about that research you just told other people to do: pot, kettle, black.


I have done years of research. I have given god and religion more of a chance than most people I know. After reading the bible I was dumb-founded at how much of my childrens innocence was taken away. That book is horrid and not suitable for children. I know this because mine read it, and had some impossible questions. I read it myself and became suicidal. Today I am an atheist and your silly mocking won’t make me ashamed of that. Research more yourself.

Rocky Comet

“It’s not like humans are sitting around flinging feces at each other…”
You’ve never been to the deep south.


responding to your other comment i think was removed: I don’t know what negative energy is lol. Energy is concentrated in certain places, which i think is why we can move, and I heard that eventually, all the energy in the universe will be spread out so that there is no movement. I know that thermodynamics is true. In my other comment, I was just disproving the creationists. IDK if your comment was a creationist argument or not. I try my best with my limited scientific knowledge haha.


I eat babies… A couple of eggs in the morning for breakfast is always a good way start to my day!


“don’t eat any shit people feeds you with” like religion

Jesus Way

Truth is hard to find. Funny that even Darwin that is trapping you all was not an atheist but believed in God, lmfao, do some research people, don’t eat any shit people feeds you with.


I wonder if anyone has done a study comparing the number of areligious kids who become religious later in life, versus the number of religious kids who leave religion as they grow up.

My hunch is that the first group would be very, very small.


well said!


Another superb video – with one tiny caveat: would you consider recording speech only? The background ‘music’ is irritating and unnecessary, and its loss wouldn’t detract from the force of your arguments. But huge thanks anyway!


Great stuff. You just got yourself another subscriber.


I think it would have been good if when you answered the last question you slowly raised a boiled egg and took a bite. “Mmmmm, babies.” haha