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“I don’t care if they’ve never cause crime, they are the reason crime is rampant.” WTF? The buybull thumpers are so dense and self righteous.

This is obviously a stupid letter, but it is just one person’s opinion.

Just one person’s opinion, yes, but she’s representative of so many. This country is being destroyed by dimwits like Alice Shannon.

Me thinks she’s a little nutty!

Nope, not just one person’s. That’s the problem.

What is America? Seriously?

“Get off of our country”
America is a server now.

Oh dear….What a silly person.

This just gives me a warm fuzzy feeling all over 🙂

Where to start…… Give that guy an education!

It’s a spoof- check it out on Snopes. http://www.snopes.com/politics/soapbox/atheists.asp

Hey Alice, you get out! You are the fucking reason this country blows and is so far behind the rest of the developed world in social issues. You are a stupid twat!!

“get off our country”…I would like to get off this fucking planet!!

yeah well, the bus is late

Even if the letter is unreal, I’m related to people who have said such things. There really are people in this country who take “Christian Nation” to its extreme.


so glad for snopes.com

As an atheist (as followers would call it), I dont get mad at these articles but look in shame as in how someone has become so poisoned from blind faith.

whats the matter your stompper broke ?

and funny cause I’m sure 99% of the jail population is religious

More than a little

Leave people alone & mind your own business

but she forget to mention the separation of church and state part….

So it’s up to us atheists to “get off our country”. That’s going to be a big job.

All I hear is, “Hurr, durrrr huuurrrrduduuuururrrrrr!”

why, your allowed a opinion to whether or not you believe in “god”. not believing in god is not causing this. religion (no offence) is. just because you believe something dosen`t mean everyone else should.