Hey Atheists! You’re not wanted in the US! Leave NOW! (Hey wait, I already did…) – VIDEO




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  1. America is NOT and never has been a Xian nation, this country was founded on freedom, such as the 1st amendment. John Hagee has the right to believe his delusions and I have the right to believe in the real truth. Read joyofSatan,com

  2. there is nothing worse than someone like him. he speaks discriminatory half-truths and lies with such gusto that they are believed, and him supported. i don’t mind that he is Christian, but being such a *peep* should be illegal. if anything, he is a religious terrorist, attempting to kill other systems of belief and replace them with his own. it’s truly shameful.

  3. The majority of scientists in the U.S. are atheists. If they where all to leave, the economy would go to hell. No pun intended.

  4. You decided people with religious values are outlaws? This isn’t an atheist nation, that is your dementia claiming nobody have a belief in your personalized religious views. You can’t touch religion without be religious. This is a Christian founded nation for Christians and by Christians. All of your American blessings are from Christian roots and because of it being a Christian founded nation.

  5. obviously you don’t know about the immigration bullshit going on its caused by nut cases like hagee

  6. Your god is nothing but a hypocritical genocide monster kind of like Hagee its a good thing its nothing but a iron age myth science rules this day and age get with the times are get left behind. Oh and this is not a Christan nation its a separation of church ad state nation so fuck off.

  7. Jesus Christ gave the rule, don’t let the screen door hit your backside on the way out. In the Christian church you have to do something to stay. Nobody is making you stay. You are choosing to come to ridicule Him. Jesus Christ gave the rule that if you have something to do, then go do it; even if you go to a foreign land where you are enslaved for being reckless with your money and the pigs eat better than you, then we are to do nothing to stop you from leaving. Leave and be done with it.

  8. Church was held in the House of Representatives on Sunday until the Civil War, thereabouts. The United States of America is founded by Christians and for Christians. You are unable to read, you need more literature classes, because the Constitution for the United States didn’t enact a theocracy, we are voting people with political rights to vote our feelings. Your argument is that because Thomas Jefferson didn’t make himself high priest then nobody is religious, this is wrongful to believe.

  9. You go to a God site of pastor John Hagee and give us the horse laugh fallacy. We believe in God and have a moral outcome in Jesus Christ; but you laugh, the Holy bible isn’t a chemistry book, therefore you claim there is no value in it. You are a literalist person and you do some of the worst abuses, because you don’t recognize people. We are real people, we belong to society, and we do have our own self-interest, it is our right.

  10. I can’t believe I used to be like these ignorant sheep cheering the deportation of American citizens just sick.

  11. Its not your belief that offends HAGE it you shoving it down everyone throats against their will. Naturally nobody is going to like that its very offensive to order me what I should believe are shouldn’t I shall believe what I will and nobody shall tell me other wise and so it is with you.

  12. You are utterly mistaken Science is a doctrine based on observational fact and evidence. We don’t make the rules of science we simply discover them. Its called the scientific method get your facts straight before you make ignorant false statements.

  13. That’s just sick what happens if innocents accidentally ingested the drugs like say children these people really are monsters I really am beginning to wonder what I ever saw in Christianity.

  14. Funny how he says that when most of the founding fathers were not christian at all. In fact the reason they came here in the first place was to escape religious persecution. Hell George Washington was a Deist at most.

  15. Check out good pro-life Christian Stan Solomon’s web page out. He has an article posted on it right now in which he states that a good way to end the drug problem would be to poison the drug supply to kill off users. If these monsters ever seize absolute control of this nation we’re seriously f*cked!

  16. This country is founded on freedom for one to choose one’s own religion or choose not to even be part of any religion. The first amendment says Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances. Also if you claim to be Christan, didn’t your bible say not to judge other people?

  17. Science is a council of doctrine by rules of Man, science isn’t the topic and it is misrepresentation to claim atheism is the practice of science.

  18. This is a Christian founded nation, your pathetic pirate treaty isn’t national law nor the People, it is an agreement made by the man fired by President Thomas Jefferson for being a buffoon to American senses and died a drunk–William Eaton.

  19. You’re right they aren’t needed and won’t be missed, just like every other scum bag who works for the New World Order to suppress knowledge and keep cures and new discoveries from us ! Every profession you just listed are nonsensical bullshit when they lie to us to fulfill a Darwinian socialist dictatorship ! Start studying and understand who funds these idiot puppets ! WAKE UP !!! OR LEAVE like Pastor Hagee suggested !

  20. Read the book :  THE GOD VIRUS……I wasn’t able to put it down and I am going to read it again. JOHN HAGEE IS A POWERFUL VECTOR FOR THE GOD VIRUS…..HE IS HIGHLY INFECTED, AND HAS INFECTED MILLIONS……I DARE YOU to read it.

  21. Read the Constitution of the United States of America…..Nowhere does it state that we are a Christian nation….NOWHERE….To deny this is revisionist propaganda……Furthermore, the Treaty of Tripoli clearly denies that the United States Government is partial to the Christian faith…..DON’T TAKE MY WORD, look up the Treaty of Tripoli and read it…..Do it, unless John Hagee has scared you into shutting down your brain….THE ” GOD VIRUS ” SHUTS DOWN ALL HUMAN REASONING…READ THAT BOOK.

  22. THE BIGGEST LIE EVER is that the United States was founded as a Christian nation……Hagee is a BIG LIAR who lies for his benefit….Read the book : THE GOD VIRUS…..It will make you understand religious brainwashing tactics better than any other book…..RELIGION IS MIND CONTROL…….Another lie is that Christianity is not a religion, but a relationship……This is a lie on top of a lie, designed to further propagate the Christian myth..

  23. Oh I think we would be missed. Since the average atheist is better educated and has a higher-paying job than the average theist, the average atheist pays a disproportionate amount of income tax. So tell me, pastor, if Uncle Sam had to let go of one of us or one of your sheep, which would he choose?

  24. doesn’t it sound ridiculous to you, too? in a broader sense, one could view this as hate speech. good thing folks like that don’t have to pay taxes and can use the extra money to fund obstructionist candidates.

  25. That’s quite true although I can’t say it’s an argument that I use very much. But along the same lines, I think people need reminding that if no one went around claiming that there are gods in the first place, atheism wouldn’t even be a thing!

  26. Right on, brother !! Thanks for replying. Your added voice proves that the public is aware of this very dangerous trend. Thanks and Peace to you !! 

  27. You had it right up to the end. The problem with animals like Hagee isn’t really their religion; it’s their politics, for which they merely use their religion as pretext. Hagee is an insane conspiracist, as well, and peddles, among other things, the anti-Jewish conspiracies of the Third Reich itself.None of this comes from his religion. When you listen to the video above, you’re hearing the voice that would put entire classes of people in ovens, from one who’d never lose a night’s sleep over it.

  28. And to add. The bad thing is John Hagee by listening to this, went against the bible since he fails to love his neighbor which is what the bible commands. John Hagee needs to be deported and sent to the moon.

  29. John Hagee should get out. The United States is not founded based on christianity or religion. It was founded based on freedom. The Treaty of Tripoli says that the United States government is not based on christianity Barack Obama is absolutely correct.

  30. One thing that is reflected on youtube is atheists certainly see it as a platform for expressing their opinions and putting their votes in for videos.. I as a Christian can watch a guy like John Hagee and laugh my head off because of how absurd his message to atheists really sounds. Can hardly see Jesus telling 1st C Jews, ‘If my teaching or message offends you move, take a camel and go to Egypt or Saudi Arabia!’

  31. It’s easy to see why these fundamentals adhere so doggedly to Creationism because they never evolve. They live in a bubble where truth, facts, or evidence simply have no meaning. A stagnate world in which they never evolve into adults with common sense. Thank God (pun intended) my life is just fine without the need for talking snakes, burning bushes, or 900 year old humans living side by side with dinosaurs.

  32. You’re incorrect about one thing, however.
    Canada’s constitution contains the line, “Whereas Canada is founded upon principles that recognize the supremacy of God and the rule of law”, and the Canadian population is about 3/4 Christian… You’ll find bigots just as easily here as anywhere else, mate.

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