Hey Malaysia, the world of heathens would like to tell you to go fuck yourself.


Putrajaya: Freedom of religion does not equal freedom from religion
Read more: http://www.themalaymailonline.com/malaysia/article/putrajaya-freedom-of-religion-does-not-equal-freedom-from-religion



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Being a Malaysian, i do know our constitution states that you have the right to practice any religion you want in malaysia, as long as dont convert the Muslim. But i do not know we dont have the right to not practicing one. LOL

Jr Animator

Fucking west Malays. As an eastern Malaysian I fucking hate the fact that that fucking malay master race minister is talking about atheism going against basic human rights laws.


I guess it's more like.. you're violating the virtue of the Malay anatomy, and being a muslim is one of them. It's actually more of a tribal thing in a racial sense. Malay supremacy, I suppose despite claiming to be a multiracial/cultural country? allahu alam.. wik wik

Khairul Bashar

Well… Malaysian government are not afraid to say that athiest is a dangerous ideology… but one thing most people don't know that Malaysian government really don't even know how to arrange their own religion.

Muhammad Firdaus Bin Jasmi

Hi. Look at the gathering pic and then look at my picture. Yes, this has given me shit so much


Do the Malaysian government understand what atheists are?

A White Quail Called Quayuh

Im atheist ex muslim from malaysia

Jai Prakash

When Idiots have to much confident on something they destroy the world


I am atheist ex islam and i live in indonesia. Well I guess, indonesia more secular country than malaysia by geovernment constitution. in here, atheist is legal by law and constitution actually. Only will be problem in social life practice and mindset of many indonesian people that atheists are living wildly without morality

Gerald Ng

Dangerous ideologi? Sadam cough, iran, taliban, boko haram, al queda, 911, isis, cough cough cough

Gerald Ng

I hope this new goverment can help with the change. The previous one did this report to hide the coruption and money scandal they have commited. Most of the ppl in this clip are not in power anymore.

Kwan Hua Lun

It is OK to have short hair, it is OK to have long hair, you can even colour it according to your liking.

But you can't have bald head. For it, you must be punish, just by being bald…

kl wies

Its basically pretending to be defenders of Religion and be seen doing it. In reality there are plenty of atheist just not publicizing it on newspaper. Making thought a crime is like trying to censor the internet. You have Red wall of China internet but the chinese still are able and is prevalent using VPN and is all over the internet and youtube. They cannot ban VPN unless they are willing to go back to Ming dynasty. In the end China also pretends that their internet is wall off but in reality everybody is using VPN.

Domestic Chihuahua

All my Malaysian friends reading this, If ur bored of Islam, then please try Buddhism, it doesn’t have any gods but its a good religion and also way of life, i’m not forcing u to become Buddhism never force

Capt Ranvijay Rana

Fuck u god fuck u…..forever atheist

Gurmeet Singh

All islamic terrorists are same they cry when someone leaves islam

Jeff Z.

When will these people learn that you cannot use force to make somebody believe something that they find inherently unbelievable? Even if I truly wanted to believe the tenets of a given religion, my mind is incapable of turning itself off to the degree necessary for allowing the dogma to take over.


Fellow atheist from Europe here: Those are the people we should offer asylum to, not the muslim fucktards who just come here and blow themselves up taking with them innocent lives. Can we trade? We'll send all the muslims from Europe to Malaysia and we'll take the atheists that are being "hunted down" in exchange.

indera palembang

In ancient time people does't believe that iron can floating on water and Fly high with super speed..But Today we get proof that iron can floting and fly…Science and technology today still can't proof the god is exist. Juts wait until we become more modern..Just keep believe In God..

Kinana Al Rabi

In malaysia, every child born must have god…regardless of whatever god…he or she must believed in god. Very sad..these children have to grow up with lies!

Kinana Al Rabi

Surprise! Malaysia is a backward country…the malay muslim politicians are not well educated about atheism!

afi azreen

Atheist is old trash group long time ago..boring debate with this creature


Malaysia could have become like Japan or Korea.. But instead, they choose to embrace Primitive Islam and look what that has led to..

emtuoba elgoog

This is the foulness of the islamic world