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Deluded themselves I think. Any idiot who thinks babies were born sinful wants a swift smack around the face

People are bat shit crazy.

It is a pity he does not drown theists at birth for admitting to being so sinful.

I thought babies were born without sin and that they went straight to heaven if they died at birth? FFS they cant have it both ways……

That’s only if you get them baptised

Such a kind God, praise him

Brainwashed beyond repair.

Yes, he’s so good and kind he occasionally drowns babies while letting the likes of Robert Mugabe live to a ripe old age in abject luxury.

Christians can be so stupid.

What drugs have these people been taking????

Planet Earth, the biggest abortion clinic there is. You can’t really get any more ‘late-term’ than post birth.

Christians at her best.

That just shows you fucked up these people really are…
I don’t always support abortion, but in his case, not only would I have supported it, I would have paid for it…!!!

People with this thought process continue to pollute the gene pool. SMH.

Because god is a twat.

The endless capacity and penchant for stupidity by these primitives is baffling.