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RT @holesinthefoam: Hey! Where are … – http://t.co/QQtwtmPu4P #Atheism #BibleBatshit #ReligiousGoobers #ServeMan #WomansPlace http://t.co…

How dare a man let his wife cook for him. What an oppressive piece of shit.

I’m not finding the fault in this one. It doesn’t sound like her husband demanded that she make him biscuits and gravy. And she says that she hasn’t made breakfast in awhile so it seems her husband doesn’t demand her to cook. Plus her husband thanked her “3 times” for making them for him. I have more of a problem with the response that says “y’all are so precious”. That brings up a little bile in me.

Until someone makes me biscuits and gravy, I shall take issue … 😛