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rictus gate

When I think of anti-theism I think of it in the following light . . . the
definition that most people seem to have isn’t the type of anti-theism that
I would describe as holding . . . I am an anti-theist in the same way I am
anti-fascist or anti-totalitarian or anti-dictatorial . . .


He passed away in 2011.

Dennis Wicker

If there is a god and as told in the Christian bible, he is a lunatic and
the people that believe this bullshit are crazy. I’ve come to the
conclusion there is no help for humanity.


Atheism is on the rise so there’s some hope. However, I fear humans will
destroy this planet arguing over whose god is right.


this is magical


what a struggle.


Anti-theist and atheist are two different cathegories. Hitchens also was an
atheist. Atheist – believes there is no god. Anti-theist – believes
religion is not a force for good, and the very concept of deity as proposed
by major religions is utterly depraved – morally anorexic – evil.


You’re absolutely right. My beef with religion, and some of it’s followers,
are how it tells people how to live and some of those ways infringe on
basic rights. I too don’t care if someone wants to worship a god, I hate
how I’m looked down upon because I don’t worship that god or any god.


I know that you do not know what either atheist or anti-theist means, for
you wouldn’t be in that misapprehension.

Vlad Tepes

Good ol’ Hitchens.


I think people are the real problem; the ones responsible for religion and
for fighting and destroying the planet. Even without religion, people still
won’t get along with everyone but we don’t need anymore reasons to single
people out and treat them horribly which is what religion does. Religion
stands in the way of us viewing our fellow humans as truly equal.


How is this guy doing?

neal jensen



Let us never forget that such a distinguished gentlemen had the balls to
say “Enough is enough!”


I fee the same way. Over three years ago I made a video called I don’t care
if there is a god which touched on this idea a bit. Great clip.


Thanks, Curmudgg. Hitchens always makes me smile.


I agree with you about infringing on basic human rights. Unfortunately, I
don’t think the religious’ views on people who think differently than they
do will ever really change. However, I am hopeful that in the future their
power to impose their beliefs on others will have diminished even more than
it already has. It’s still amazing to me how things like same-sex marriage
and abortion are even debated in this day and age, for mostly religious
reasons, none the less.

Kaycee K

Magnificent! This is one of my favourite Hitchen’s commentaries!


My hero.