Holy shit, is dingbat Bachmann still babbling on about the 2nd coming?? Oy vey… AUDIO


Michele Bachmann is certain the end of the world is nigh – and it’s all President Barack Obama’s fault.

The Republican former congresswoman has been giving interviews with Christian broadcaster Jan Markell blaming the president’s Iran policies for the hastening apocalypse, reported Right Wing Watch.

“It is interesting to me that if you look at the president’s rhetoric, if you look at his actions, everything he has done has been to cut the legs out from Israel and lift up the agenda of radical Islam,” Bachmann said.

She agreed with Markell, host of the “Understanding the Times” radio program, that legal abortion and same-sex marriage had cursed the United States.

“We need to realize how close this clock is to getting toward the midnight hour, and I think that’s why for our sake (and) for the sake of our families, for our nation (and) for the next generation, we need to cry out to a Holy God” Bachmann said. “This is coming faster than anyone can see.”

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Maybe she’s hoping for a second orgasm….

what a ridiculous twat …

RT @holesinthefoam: Holy shit, is dingbat #Bachmann still babbling on about the … – http://t.co/KpygHoKWWN #Stfu #XtianIdiots http://t.co…

Delusional and dangerous with a horribly negative mindset. Funny how these brainwashed cultists think modern times are the only era where war and conflict exist. Shows how very little they know about the history of civilizations. They think in a bubble and have no place in government. Dangerous mindsets that wish for the “end times” have no interest in improvements of any kind. These people are crazy.

Really feeling for you sane Americans having to deal with all this crazy!!

Her retinas burned with the image of the FOX news logo.

pity her poor husband…her first orgasmic coming must have been a beaut

Ick, just ick. This person is totally delusional. Nobody and I mean nobody should be listening to her. If more people actually paid attention and voted with common sense, people like Michele Bachman would have ever been in office. And, perhaps, we’d have a medical system in place were the mentally challenged, like Michele Bachman, could get help. But alas, the only end times coming is the end of times with common sense. Rant complete.