Hope the Amway scammer bitch has got all her financial and legal ducks in order, just sayin’…


House Democrats plan greater scrutiny on Betsy DeVos

House Democrats plan to use their newly regained power to scrutinize Education Secretary Betsy DeVos. Associated Press education reporter Collin Binkley spoke to CBSN about what they’re planning to focus on.

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Happy Haze

Scrutiny is okay, but tar and feathers? Splendid! Topping the bill!


Finally! She is the devil incarnate!

Red Hinkle

I remember watching her confirmation hearing and thinking to myself, what the F*ck? . Now she's back and as clueless as ever. I'm sure her responses will be nothing more than incoherent babble. Like most swamp rats in D.C., she probably bought her spot in this train wreck of an administration.

Stoney Curtis

It's about time~!

Steven Jamison

Thank God! She is not qualified for her position. She has done nothing but cost taxpayers money and the kids have suffered in the process.

The Truth

DeVos need to be locked up as well.

John McCall

DEMOCRATS DO NOT CARE ABOUT AMERICA OR AMERICANS THEY ARE THE PARTY OF THE NWO!! they are out to collapse America and bring on their one world government, open borders and socialism aka slavery!! Democrats are a disgrace to America!!

Lukas Dziubalski

Bring this nice smile Lady to account.

Bung Kusi

She's too christians. America need someone without christians background to lead on education.

jmb thecat

Betsy DeVos is a FAKE Education Secretary and Trump is a FAKE EVERYTHING!!

Jess Stuart

An educated and informed electorate is the stuff of Republican nightmares.


Liberals only like women who are braindead, MSM brainwashed and obsessed with celebrity and Hollywood actors.

Nicholas Littlejohn
Lenox W

Lock her up!

Eluwenie Stargazer

Minute 0:11
I want to get the cupboard from the movie "The Indian in the Cupboard" and put that statue thingy of the bull and wolf in it that I see on the table.
He said in the movie "You can't use people"
He's far more right in so many ways than this mess.

Mother has a Pecker