How badly do some people hate Obama? Really wanna know?


The 20 Worst Cases Of Obama Derangement Syndrome On Wheels in America (Images)

Most of us have friends who have been inflicted with Obama Derangement Syndrome, which of course is an advanced case of paranoia regarding anything to do with President Obama.

But these people in the images below went a step further than most folks do and have proudly displayed their ODS on their vehicles. Maybe you have seen some of these people driving around in your area. If you have, just regard them the same way you’d regard anyone with a debilitating mental illness, and try to feel sorry for them. You could offer some friendly advice and tell them to quit watching Fox News, but these people are too far gone for that to have any effect.

So the next best thing is to just look at it the same way we would a train wreck. Or the way we’d watch a Sarah Palin interview. Just cringe and prepare to face-palm.

These are the 20 worst cases of ODS on wheels out there. Enjoy!

This is what low-budget Obama Derangement Syndrome looks like.

back of truck anti obama
Godwin’s Law… comparing Obamacare to the Holocaust. And this guy had better be careful. That “repent” sign might not make it through some overpasses.

back of truck mini-van
Ah, Louisiana, practically ground zero for Obama Derangement Syndrome.

back of truck stickers
Wow… this Teabagger has no place tagging the mental disorder label on anyone else. Oh, and “BENGHAZI!”

This is quite a smorgasbord of Obama delusion. The “It’s Time To Play Cowboys And Muslims” one is especially ignorant.

This one was billed as the world’s largest anti-Obama bumper sticker. Everyone has a calling, we suppose.

The misspelling is a dead giveaway that this is a card-carrying member of the Tea Party.

This guy is a real winner. Isn’t it obvious?

These are the kind of people that we’d like to hide from the rest of the world.

obama truck
This is relatively mild for Texas.

This one makes me ashamed to be from Missouri.

obama squished
There are no words…

This poor sap has a handicap symbol on his license plate. His physical ailments just might be the least of his problems.

If Glenn Beck is your hero, we don’t need to know who your enemies are.

We’re gonna harbor a guess that November 6th, 2012 was a very, very bad day for this poor chap.

obamacare sucks
We hate to be judgmental, but this person seems like just the type that Obamacare would help.

Not even sure where to start with this. The “Don’t reNig” sticker is particularly appalling. I’d have loved to be sitting in his living room on Election Day 2012 ;)

anti-obama stock car
ODS even spread to the race tracks, apparently.

epic anti-obama truck
Oh look! It all rhymes!

o truck 3
This guy gets points for originality. And no, we still don’t miss W.

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