How Can Atheists Improve Outreach? – VIDEO


How Can Atheists Improve Outreach? Hemant Mehta (, Churches are good at outreach Between mission trips and greeters at the door…



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Robbie Starburster

What’s with this channel and reuploads?


*”That persons a jerk, i aint gonna hear what they are gonna say”*
is fallacious reasoning…=/
unfortunately ….people are not that smart to realize this and actually

Shawn Dean

One thing, just speaking from my own experience, that I was concerned with once I became an atheist, or “realized” I was an atheist, was all the support I got from religious friends and churches etc. For many years I was employed and making good money and I didn’t have man needs. But then I lost my job and wasn’t able to get work for a couple of years. I ran out of money, and eventually became homeless. I didn’t have any friends that helped worth a damn. Then one day I heard music as I was passing by a… Read more »


I don’t agree here. Yes religion does outreach well. They have to. They’re selling a con and they need as many people to fall for it as possible. Atheism isn’t selling.. anything. It is acknowledgement that the religion is false, so why would we do the same tactics? To me it is like saying thieves are really good at getting what they want, so we non-thieves should emulate their tactics in order to get what we want (more money?). No thanks. Then add onto the fact that a lot of these pushy tactics are what drive people away from religion… Read more »


Very difficult when most of us are in the closet about it. Many people
can’t come out even if they want to. A lot easier if you’re Christian, even
harder if you are from a family that follows Islam. I’m trying to grow a
pair and come out, but too difficult. Can you imagine living a lie for
years on years out?

The Atheist Voice

How Can Atheists Improve Outreach?

Cultured Patriot

Atheists should outreach into orbit, where the lack of oxygen can silence
their silly ideals.

Sean Henderson

I thought from the title and the opening that this video was going to be
about atheists supporting charitable causes in the same way churches do,
but after watching the whole video I think that might be a good answer to
your question; churches are very active in helping people who need help,
and that is a great way to spread their message. Obviously we don’t have
the same organizations in place to make doing something like this an easy
task, but having some atheist charities might be a good way of showing
people that (contrary to what they may have been told) we are good people

Alan W

This gets to the core reason why theism is a better product in the
marketplace of ideas over atheism. Until we develop a system that brings a
sense of community, comfort, and tradition atheism will always play second
fiddle to theism.


It feels as though it takes a lot less understanding for a simpleton to join a religion, they don’t have to sit down with a person and explain how god is real, they just project his message, they tell them whatever good parts about religion they manage to scavenge. This would be much harder to do with Atheism, you would be explaining evolution, providing evidence for it and it is a lot of work to go through when the likely answer from somebody is a door slammed in the face, a simply no or I don’t want to talk about… Read more »

Autumn Wallick

Atheists are selfish people. They are their own God and don’t know what
compassion, self-sacrificial unconditional love or truth is. These 3 God
implanted characteristics are temporarily recognized by an atheist but not
long enough to do any effective outreach and see it through. Outreach that
makes an impact demand those 3 characteristics and its impossible without
the Holy Spirit. I guarantee someone will get caught under their “tires” if
they committed themselves to an outreach program. =Truth. 


We need to hybridize the church approach with the Girl Scouts approach.
“Hi, I’m an atheist. Wanna be my friend? We have cookies!”


As a regular attendee of, and volunteer for, Sunday Assembly, I’d have to
say I agree :D

Jennifer Isaacs

How do humanists, irreligious, and atheists created a better outreach for
helping humanity?

Kitty Lucas

Ok it is the third time they re-upload the same video, either Hemant is
wiping religious asses and turning religious or just run out of ideas.just
saying ;)


This is literally the 4th time you’ve used that opening set of lines, word
for word.



Michael Lyons

I wish I could be more active for secularism.

Josh Lind


Dennis Wicker

The hateful hostility toward atheism is not very Christian like. I would
never want to be a member of a group whose symbol was a guy nailed to two
pieces of wood. (George Carlin)

P e r u n L o c k

As an Atheist I still celebrate ‘Christmas’ in that I enjoy spending time
with my family, receiving and giving gifts and eating and drinking. I would
want my kids (should I have any) to enjoy it too. Anyone got an opinion on
Atheists/Christmas? Should I be vehemently against Christmas or am I ok?


Really wish you’d stop using the same intro lol 

Nowan Inparticular

Looks like this channel’s on vacation. I remember saying I’m in the middle of this particular point. I have no religion, but I do believe in something & I get far more caring/understanding from the religious than I do from atheists. I’ve nearly come to the conclusion that being godless does tend to make one deify themselves. So many atheists are assholes to the people who don’t believe the same way they do that it’s amazing atheist numbers are growing. “Where’s your proof?….. That’s not evidence!” While there’s nothing wrong with requiring testable evidence, is it really necessary to dismiss… Read more »


I have an idea to spread the word of atheism. First I need you to get out your Rolodex & email all the folks who make amazing videos like you. Ask them to make a clip on how to make & upload a clip. Maybe even the making of your last clip, highlight your equipment, software & file formats. We need the exposure on as many channels as we can Demonstrating how easy it is to make clips. Next we need to convince everyone to make clips on what they know best. You see we all can’t do battle with… Read more »

jordan millsap

More recycled shit thanx 


On Atheist Experience I heard a joke:
Two well-dressed people knock on the door of a house. The homeowner answers
the door and is given a pamphlet.
“This doesn’t have anything written on it!”
“Of course. We’re atheists!”

Alex Rompen

The more important question….

If you soak a cockroach in holy water….do you get a purified cockroach?
or contaminated holy water? #lifesimportantquestions 


So many reused parts


So we should prey on the weak?

Archn Scythe

Well when you can make up a bunch of lies it is a bit easier. For example
burning in hell for eternity if you don’t believe in what they do or going
to heaven for eternity if you do believe in what they do.


Hemant Metha ,I go to a private high school, I’m just wondering do you have
any ways to deal with religious teachers open for discussion about their
faith, specifically do you know any certain questions that would strike up
a really good conversation that could get me and my peers thinking deeper
about their faith? 

Kosta Nenadic

dont use the same cut for more than 2 videos , dont be so lazy

Grastermane Forte

My response is typically very simple. It is found that I am an atheist so they ask why. I am just honest, no reason yet I also have no reason to follow any religion would you like to present one. Then they almost always give one of three things. The first is Personal Testimony I stop them and tell them I have one of my own and have heard 50 more from other people. The second is hell, I ask if they do not fear Islamic, Jewish or Hindu hell, why as a non-believer should I fear Christian hell. The… Read more »


every christian i know is an asshole

Autumn Wallick

I must add: I respect an atheist over a carnal christian because they are
closer to the truth (in some cases) than most carnal christians. God’s
grace is knocking at your door. Just open it. 


When people define your non-religion as non-spirituality (never mind
defining your anti-religion stance as anti-spirituality) it’s hard to reach
out to people who haven’t arrived there on their own. If you think like
that, too, well… ‘wull, thar’s yer trouble, rat’ thar’.
As just ‘atheists’, you have just your sharing of a ‘non-‘ as an organizng
principle. Pretty chilly. Offering people a negative doesn’t appeal to
their souls very much — and most people do like to think they, and you,
have souls. It’s important to them. Respect that. Think about the
spirituality you do have, and offer that, instead.