How Creationism Taught Me Real Science 11 The Conspiracy Against Kent Hovind… – VIDEO


In this episode we investigate the events leading up to the conviction and incarceration of Kent Hovind.



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Tony Reed

This is a very momentous occasion for me. This is the first video I’ve
published to reach the “301 freeze” for views.




I think you got something wrong at the end about hovinds “phd”. Its from
Patriot Bible University, a degree mill. Patriot sells doctorates for
approximately $2,000.
Its not recognized by any legitimate university, professional association,
or governmental agency. Patriot Bible University only offers “programs
which are religious in nature” and their “degrees or diplomas have no state


Isn’t taxation based on residency and not on citizenship (within the US)?
If you renounce the US citizenship abroad then you are no longer liable to
pay “world income” taxes to the US. But if you do that within the US
nothing changes as long as you are a resident for tax purposes. I am wrong?
If not, then he is also stupid to waste his citizenship without any benefit
to him. 


The world keeps on surprising me: apparently there are still many
christians who take Kent Hovind seriously. I actually encountered a bunch
of them the other day.

JD Kain

This guy needs more subscribers. The research he did into Kent Hovind is
extensive and presented in an easy to follow way.


Excellent journalism, young man. I can imagine how much info you had to
leave out.


lol. Thanks for this. I really never bothered to look into the whole story behind Hovind. It just goes to show that these guys will do anything. I love that they closed the building because Hovind didn’t give a shit about the zoning laws. Personally, zoning and code are about the best things that we get from local govt. Contractors and builders try their hardest to avoid the code and zoning that does exist. They are definitely going to be building cheap ass buildings that will fall apart if there aren’t stringent codes. It’s important to remember that we benefit… Read more »

Jonathan Pebble

I even learned some new things. I had no idea what the extent of his arrogance was. I knew about the park problems, and his claiming religious freedom as a way to dodge safety concerns. I knew about the dumb jail phone calls. I didn’t know that he continually tried to sue the government. I didn’t know he was bragging about his tax dodging to friends and coworkers (hey, do you think the woman who turned him in was the *first*). I didn’t know that he was withdrawing 10000-x dollars constantly. That’s not clever… Also, he doesn’t have a PhD.… Read more »


It is that rapid fire approach that makes debunking these assholes such a
chore. They know that and implement it with no shame. So much for
asking…”what would Jesus do?”
Hovind has no problem blowing off Mark 12:17 or Matthew 22:21 while in the
same breathe claiming that fire breathing dragons are real.
When one sees Kent’s stance…or should I say….crazy conspiracy excuses
to fuck off the government and US tax codes, there is no question in my
mind why he is where he is.

Ray Walston

Pure, unadulterated, brilliance. Just going through all your videos now.
The way you set them up in their openings is great.

Doubleplus Ungood

“Welcome to looneyville!”

Nicely done.


Excellent. Really enjoyed this one as it was about something I have no
previous knowledge of whatsoever. Would love to see you investigate
something about modern genetics. Genetics of the last 20 years; in my
opinion, is the stake through the heart of creationism. Thank you for your


Thank you for another excellent, well researched video.


You’re a champion of people who find ways to avoid taxes? What do you
think funds a large portion of scientific research in this nation, and most


Ah Kent. The spoiled whiney child not getting his way throws tantrums in
delusion. Poor baby.
I don’t think his son will do better, especially with a young person owning
his ass on video in the school classroom eric rejects.

Mike JB



Thank you, Kent Hovind. Thank you for being such a huge douche-canoe that
you inspire an equal-and-opposite intellectual reaction in people like Tony


I’d seriously love Hovind to explain why God needs this money that “belongs” to him (God) and what he can possibly spend his money on. Oh so Hovind thinks he is absolved by his deeply held religious beliefs. In that case he must be fully behind the massacres in France by Jihadists. Surely if he is not an American citizen, he can be deported as an illegal immigrant. May i suggest Rockall? Btw Possible other topic for this series. The BS claim that Ice Ring science is wrong because of WW2 trucks being found in many metres of ice. Hint,… Read more »

Tyrion Lannister

You’re right. The whole Creationism debate has resulted in people becoming
much more versed in both science and scripture. I believe time will show
that both faith and science will benefit from this. 

Steve Ennever

That was utterly delightful.

Alan W

To quote the Bible, “you will know them by their fruits”.

Is Eric next?

Tony Reed
Tarfiel Archelone

Can’t believe I use to defend his claims.


“Caesar demands a building permit…” That lawyer is awesome.

heike anderson

Very nice video, well done.


I put a link to this video up on facebook in the Atheist Experience group.
Hope it helps!

Mc Häckmäck

Kent got his phd from bible state “University”.
Absolutely plausible for him having difficulties understanding complex
sentences… tax laws.


This guy has a voice for YouTube. 


WOW thunderf00t

at least i got to know the full story yet :D

James Keffer


johnny dark

i miss kent


What an idiot. You’d think after spending nearly a decade in jail, he would
have the sense to keep his nose clean.

Jamie Piller

Nice job +Tony Reed . You just gained a new subscriber and I’m looking
forward to watching your other videos.