“How Feminism CASTRATED New Atheism!”??? – VIDEO


The last ‘Reason Rally’ in 2012 was arguable a success. Sadly, I think the ‘Reason Rally 2016’ will only testify to just how dumb it is to try to build an non-religious movement where the lead item on the agenda is ‘LGBITZQ’ equality.

Its kinda quantifiable too. Ray Comfort was planning to turn up to ‘feed the 5000 atheists’ at the 2016 Reason Rally. I have doubts if they will even get 5000 ppl to turn up.

Ray Comfort came with a ‘gift’ in pocket of $25 000.

About a week before the Reason Rally, a link appeared on their website saying that they needed $100 000 to make the event happen.

Two days before the event they have raised ~20k.

Anita Sarkeesians speaking fee is about 30k.

Really, at this point, after they have been infested with SJWs, is there anything worth salvaging from the wreckage of the atheism and humanism movements?

Im moving onto debunking some more pseudoscience after this, but this video really got to me making it, as I was there when this was a vibrant and exciting movement, and it disgust me to thing that now its been reduced to the level that Banana man can turn up to the ‘largest gathering of the non-religious in history’ and GIVE AWAY more than the ‘Reason Rally’ can raise.


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TRUMP 2016!

jacknife barca

I like that first picture. lol


I'm amazed at how surprised people are at this. All women and feminists have ever done and ever will do is either demand that the state pay them for existing, or stand at the finish line, wait for the winners, then attach themselves like a parasite and demand half of the spoils. A total absence of creativity is why feminism is doomed. They can only destroy, they can't build anything.

Nunov Yrbznes

For Christ's sake, learn how to make an effective video!. You don't babble on while text is unfolding or cut out before a text can be read. You're too much in love with the sound of your own voice and opinions. Two old sayings apply here. "Every ass loves to hear himself bray," and "Every man loves the smell of his own farts."


Maybe they should ban manhating feminists. I mean if you are not hating men how would that policy affect you?

Laughing Raven

You remain my hero.

Corin kenyon

Imagine the look on their faces if someone were to go down to the RR and open up a booth selling bananas fedoras and leather trench coats. they just wouldn't know how to handle it.

Maximillian Greil

Oh Hitch… how we need you today.

Ladderadder Mcglitternips

oh god, SJWs please don't ruin splatoon

James Burnett

However I must say that it seems you have won this, I am not sure what arguments your opponents are using now days, but it seems that you have won the main case over the years, maybe time for new topics.


Thunderf00t should start his own atheist movement with blackjack and hookers.