How (much more) batshit insane do you think he’s going to be when his tax returns finally go public?


Trump vs. House Democrats ahead of hearing on president’s tax returns

A political firestorm is intensifying on Capitol Hill as lawmakers call hearings on the president’s tax returns, his administration’s policy of family separations at the border, and his campaign’s possible ties to Russia. CBS News chief congressional correspondent Nancy Cordes and CBS News Washington correspondent Paula Reid join CBSN with more.



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Joe Torino

How did NANCY ACCUMILATE 100MILLION Dollar S in Personal Wealth While On A POLITICIAN s Salary. HOW DID THE CLINTON Foundation Accumulate Billions of Dollars from foreign Nations answer these questions. The president needs to play the game the game is point out the crooks and bring the to justice

Joe Torino

Lets shift the investgation into,Adam Shift life And lets see what in his closet what good for the goose is good for the GANDER

Joe Torino

This is a coup attempt disguised as oversight let the investigations begin on these treasonous democtatic POLITICIAN s trying to overthrow the dually ELECTED PRESIDENT of the United States Of America

Kalash Operator

If he has nothing to hide, then how is it harassment? What’s he hiding? More lies and crimes?


In case you missed it, Trump said loud and clear on national TV during the presidential debate, " I will release my tax returns — against my lawyer's wishes — when Hillary Clinton releases her 33,000 emails that have been deleted ." Promises kept.


He is not running the White House, domnul is an idiot wannabe oligarch. He's a boot-licking wannabe. Love's and wants to be Russian

Don Moore

Excellent. Let's take this monstrosity down ASAP. Elections have consequences, Donny.


The FIRST thing Congress should do is query the IRS. We pretty much know that Trump was never under audit. If they could prove that, it would destroy Trump even in the eyes of his supporters. (Not that FOX News would actually report this.)  
It should also be noted that there's no law prohibiting anyone from releasing tax returns even if under audit, but that's a separate issue.

Marcelino Loeb

Not chipping away, but big chunks away! Let's see your taxes return big orange dude.

Voice of knowledge

The democrats are too stupid to see that they're self destructing with all of these rabid committees aimed at Trump. We Americans are tired of their never ending vendetta against the president. They need to focus on doing their part to make America great again. Their behavior will ensure that Trump wins re-election in a landslide.

Mark Haddox

Test test. I think they deleted my comment. Can anyone see this comment or am I banned?

David Lindstrom

We're not seeing anything you're all blind you all use these negative narratives why don't you girls do something cuz you could end up being the Big C one of these days

David Lindstrom

Nobody cares it is called harassment you people have nothing to talk about cuz you're a bunch of reporting jerks while you reporters get a real life President Trump's doing great what are you bunch of jerks


we don't want to see PRESIDENT TRUMP's tax returns. Democrats stop your hatred and mean spirited crap against OUR president. Nancy Pelosi we want to see your tax returns and find out how many illegals pick grapes for your winery California. Nancy why are you allowed to have wall on your homes to protect you but no wall to protect the citizens?

Amine Farah

I am almost sure they will make him resign to avoid impeachment.

Emmy Boeijink

I kinda think actual “Presidential harassment” would involve eight years of doubting someone’s birth certificate

jay dowd

all the committee libs

rg ba

The fake news backs the corrupt establishment guilty of treason. The intelligence agencies knowingly used a fake document to spy on the Trump campaign. The media worked hand-in-hand with them to spread the fake narrative of Trump Russian collusion


So Trump is going to prison on a lot of charges. He'll die in there.

Jay Sommerset

Trump can pay for the wall! Im sure hes got 5billion liquid laying around


I'm glad Trump is such a fan of walls, because it's certainly the walls closing in right now. Brown trousers time for the draft dodger in chief.

Nova superb

Like judge Judy always say “follow the money “


Aww. Poor Twumpy. Hey, Don, maybe you should take seven hours to watch TV this morning instead of the usual six.


Nobody wants to talk about it being legal now to sacrifice one day old newborn's…..
Satan's children are on the rise

String Monkey

We want the wall, not tax returns. How about Polosi's tax returns, and Shumer's.

bob brown

Lock him up! Lock him up! Lock him up! Lock him up! Lock him up!

James Martin

why not issue an executive order to have the whole IRS get done with your taxes so you can release it & clear your name? on Whitaker / mock panel? ask Eric Holder if he ever had to do a mock panel to get ready for his AG job

Wachary -

It's hilarious how bad they want to see the taxes. Grow up.