Jaclyn Glenn – how to convert a christian to atheism… – VIDEO



Many people ask me how to convert their christian or religious family / friends to atheism. Becoming an atheist does not happen overnight, and it can’t be forced. This is my advice on how to…

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  1. So I can tell that I used to be an atheist, but after experiencing many
    unexplained things as a ghost hunter, I can tell that there is something,
    how did I record voices, how ojuia board was working and answering me,
    furniture like chair was moving, and yes I know it was not a hoax. Unless I
    was doing it all

  2. Socratic method; continue asking them questions until they self-dismantle
    their own beliefs

  3. I got a idea +JaclynGlenn if you truly don’t believe in God don’t use logic

  4. There is no God but Allah. His prophet is Muhammad. Peace be upon him.
    ISIS, Boko Haram, Al Shabab, Al Qaeda are growing because America is the
    worst terrorist. Soon the Shar’iah will be law of America. And you Quffar
    will submit to Islam. Trust me you will repent to Allah or be the firewood
    of hell. Allahu Akbar. Addulhamman.

  5. Amazing video and i am going to go and watch you in that talk you had with
    the Gamma atheist and i am really looking forward to it.

  6. it’s easy to deconvert them, just present them with facts and all the
    scientific evidence that contradicts their bible and belifes, if they are
    open minded and accept these facts they have to abandom ridiculous beliefs,
    if they don’t then don’t lose your time

  7. It does seem odd that folks cannot get their head around the concept of God
    as creator, yet embrace the creative power of nothingness. Even science now
    recognises 1) The universe is not eternal 2) It is a self contained time
    space matter “package”

    Genesis 1:1 In the beginning [time] God created the heaven [space] and the
    earth [matter].

    The first verse of the Bible said it long before science ever did.

  8. Why don’t we just leave everyone the fuck alone and let them think what
    they want?

    I don’t really bother thinking about stuff like god and all that shit
    because no one knows the reality and it’s likely that no one will ever

    Atheists bitch about religious indoctrination all the while doing exactly
    the same fucking thing.

    Let people figure it out for themselves, if they agree with you, great! If
    not, it doesn’t fucking matter. It’s almost like some people care more
    about what other people think than what they themselves think.

    Just leave be.

  9. I still will never understand believing in religion… I may have been
    raised christian, but even in preschool when all the other little kids were
    sitting around praying saying they heard god, I would try to pray, would
    never hear god reply to me, then felt either he didn’t care about me, so
    why worship him; or he wasn’t there, and I was surrounded by crazy people.

    When a 5 year old has more critical thinking skills than theists, something
    is seriously wrong…

  10. A very good way of taking the opening if the mind and I agree I use the
    more gentle approach when asking them if they are willing to open their

  11. Let me preface this by saying I am a fan, I do enjoy the videos.
    Ok, like with the last video, I have a slight issue with consistency in
    message. Jaclyn’s point about the definition of atheism (no belief vs.
    belief there is not) provides mixed messages about her true stance.
    Let me just add here that I don’t agree with that definition, and what I
    think she is describing is positive (belief there is not) vs. negative (no
    belief) atheism. Simply saying atheism or atheist encompasses both.
    It seems, by providing that definition, that she is claiming negative
    atheism, but her phrasing (God doesn’t exist, etc) and that catchy little
    tune at the end (first line “There’s no god…”) would indicate otherwise.
    She should instead be saying I don’t believe God exists. It may seem
    nitpicky but I think this distinction lends a lot to her credibility with
    her points and arguments.
    Tl;dr- Saying “atheism does not mean belief there is no god” in one video
    and “God does not exist” in another is contradictory.
    *Edit – Removed unintended strikethough.

  12. I’ve found effects of strategies vary on person to person but more so
    generation to generation.

    My family are Jehovah’s Witnesses so its like trying to convert on hard

    My strategy has been to bombard them with questions; first about the bible,
    and when they don’t answer them I’d answer them in detail for them to make
    sure the argument was heard even if none participated…that had little
    effect; I increased frequency and moved onto the history of blunders by the
    religion/cult itself.

    My parents; I’m convinced that not a damn thing will ever get through to
    them… My recent questioning this past weekend of their religions past has
    in fact gotten me “banished” from their house…so pretty sure we could
    call the strategy on them a big failure

    With my brother he’s reacted differently along the way, he started out
    disagreeing 100% sometimes even getting angry and saying its faulty data or
    flat out lies just like my parents…but now he just kinda tucks his head
    in shame and says “I dont know” whenever I ask him questions…so I’m
    planning on staying the course hoping to at least rescue his brainwashed

  13. Excellent video, the best one in a while. This is why I think you’re the
    best of the “Youtube Atheists”. While you provide your opinion in a direct
    and criticize the fuckups of religion you overall treat all people with the
    respect they deserve and use these videos as a way to share your informed

  14. I don’t know if I’m an atheist.

    I certainly don’t have any faith in any mainstream God or religion. What I
    *do* believe in could be studied (though well beyond my motivation & skill

  15. Personally, i wouldnt want to convert anyone unless it was doing harm to
    them as a person, or getting in the way of their well being… Look at
    people who are against sending the ill to hospitals because of Faith
    Healing, that is doing severe damage to the person and maybe even others…
    This is one of the only times id intervene with their belief system…

    So, really, i dont care if youre religious or not, as long as your faith
    doesnt affect me or others, and even you to the extent that it completely
    tears down your life (as unlikely as that is) Im fine with it…

  16. Regarding 4:55, I’m not sure I really understand this argument, even as an
    atheist. Humans have empathy by nature. Believing that a lost loved one is
    going to heaven doesn’t change the emotional response generated by your
    (amazingly awesome and complex) mind! Also, I think people are a bit
    conditioned to believe that you are supposed to cry at a funeral, and this
    could also be a possibility. But to say that “well they’re going to heaven,
    so why are you crying?” seems like it has no……grounds. Anyone have

  17. The Bible is the most reliable “religious” document we have. Every single
    prophecy by God’s prophets have come true and is recorded by historians.
    Chance/confidence? The probability of these prophecies, especially since
    all these are isolated prophecies, happening by chance is 1 in 10^2000. The
    other 500 prophecies concerning the end times are shaping up as we speak.
    Technology and globalization has made these prophecies come to fruition
    when they were penned in an age where technology was even not dreamt of.

    He has given you His creation to behold and there is knowledge at your
    fingertips for you to prove His for yourself. It is one thing to refuse Him
    and believe the lies Satan has made you believe but to allow the devil to
    use you to take God’s people away from his love is an abomination and I
    promise you if you do not repent you will get your just reward in hell. So
    go ahead, mock and provoke all you want.


  18. I generally tell a believer as calmly as I can that I will say things that
    they will not like to hear simply because part of their religious training
    was to build a little protective wall around their religious beliefs. In a
    sense I am quietly telling them that I do not think my opinions will get
    through to them, and I am giving them the reasons why. Giving them the
    reasons why just might in some cases alert them to what their subconscious
    is doing to their objectivity which in turn might allow me to get a foot
    inside the door of their personal religious fortress. When I gently say
    that I do not believe there is a god, instead of the person looking at me
    like I am a hell-bound sinner, hopefully they might actually listen to how
    I came to that opinion. I will also state that I was once a believer too,
    so I know of whence I speak. 

  19. How do destroy someone eternally, by confusing them into atheism.

    Jesus is the only way to eternal happiness.

    This Judas will destroy you, if you listen to her.

  20. This is an amazing video. But I do disagree on one aspect: Yes you CAN hate
    something/one you don’t believe in. I’m a big fan of the Harry Potter
    series and I absolutely loathe Dolores Umbridge… but at the same time I
    know that she’s a character that JK Rowling made up. It’s the same for
    atheists and the Bible-God. We hate how this character is written, but we
    don’t hate him as if he were a real person-thing-entity-whatever.

  21. Trying to convert someone to Atheism makes you just as bad as someone
    trying to convert an atheist to Theism

  22. One time, one of my religious friends thought I worshipped Satan because
    I’m an atheist. lol. Yeah, most religious people don’t know what atheism
    really entails. 

  23. Wouldn’t converting to atheism just mean (also) that you accept that you
    are nothing but an animal?
    Made with the same stuff, came from the same place or gene pool.Nothing but
    an animal…..?

  24. My advice to fellow atheists when talking to believers: try not being a
    condescending asshole.

  25. Really like your video! I’ve been trying to convert my best friend into an

  26. It’s really important to reconvert Christians cause…….
    A lot people who are deeply religious don’t want to change their
    mind….and athiests have changed their mind?

  27. I think exposing the absurdities in their scriptures is the most effective
    way. The highly immoral and unscientific verses are most effective to get
    someone to question their faith. Also pointing out how Jesus was incredibly
    similar to Horus and other mythological figures before him or how Noah’s
    story is clear plagiarism of Gilgamesh. 

  28. I convinced my friend by pissing him off. Because once he researched,
    trying to disprove me, he found out I was right. And this happened in
    Mississippi too

  29. How to Convert JaclynGleen to Christian???? Not possible, she is stupid and

  30. First post! This also gives me an opportunity to be heard: Jaclyn, if you
    can, I’d love you to do a video on transsexual rights. Most people don’t
    really see that movement what with the LGB right victories, and that’s kind
    of sad. Transsexuals can be fired or evicted for being trans, and the
    status of transsexuals’ “real” gender is really mixed across the US.

    Also, I really like your videos and arguments. I’ve always been atheist,
    but kind of quietly, afraid of being rejected by others when I didn’t know
    what their beliefs were, or if I knew they were religious. Now, while I’m
    not one of those in-your-face atheists, I’m much more open and at ease.
    Thank you.

  31. I would definitely not try to argue religion with anyone old enough to have
    much fewer days ahead than behind them. First of all they cannot change the
    habits of a lifetime and more importantly, it would be cruel.
    The best argument in support of Atheism is that it promotes living this
    life to the full because it’s the only one. But for someone old enough to
    appreciate their own mortality is catching up to them and whose lives are
    drawing to a close, it would be cruel to remove the hope of an afterlife
    however delusional. Personally, I’d rather let them keep that hope.

    Younger people on the other hand don’t need to be “converted” but rather
    “enlightened”. They can only do that willingly and on their own, we can
    only show them the way in very small steps. If they had any hope to begin
    with they will get there eventually.

    Finally, it’s not only the amygdala that comes into play. The amygdala is
    relevant in surprise situations when they first hear the arguments and
    perhaps surprised by the validity. When those arguments really sink in,
    Cognitive Dissonance is the next phase. This is the discomfort and stress
    caused by trying to accommodate contradictory beliefs or ideas at the same
    time. The brain will produce any kind of excuse to try and make the
    discomfort disappear. “God works in mysterious ways” is probably the best

  32. Just so you know, I enjoy many of your videos, so I’m Just looking for
    clarity here. If atheists don’t believe in religion, why have I observed
    over the years, atheists being so mean and antagonistic towards people who
    do believe in their faith and their symbols? Are atheist so anti-religion
    to the point where they must oppose it at every turn, then talk them out
    and away from their beliefs, while being douches at the same time? As far
    as I’m concerned, being this is America, you are free to do what ever you
    wish, as long as it doesn’t infringe on others. I give everyone the
    latitude to be what ever they want, regardless of my feelings towards it,
    then go on about my business. If you don’t believe in religion, I’m cool
    with that, but why all the hate, law suits, and the like? Does religion and
    it ‘s symbols actually anger atheists? It appears so in some circumstances.
    Some atheists behave similar to how blacks were and are still treated in
    some parts by the ruling class (whites) or how gays were treated, with
    disdain and scorn. If everyone would STFU about what they believe, we, as a
    collective, would be better off.

    Christians are soft targets because you know they will turn the other
    cheek, then pray for you…lol. Try that ‘in your face’ move towards
    Muslims, Sikh, or Hindu or Buddhists, people who I have worked with in my
    former career on many continents. Try that conduct it in the middle east,
    indonesia, or south asia or even here where their are large muslim
    populations. Go to Dearborn MI and try to have a discussion or try to
    convert them, even at your nearest masque. I am very curious as to how
    atheists will handle such an encounter, playing the antagonist with other
    than cristian believers? I promise it will not turn out well for atheists.

  33. I’ve personally always thought that, atheists shouldn’t be converting per
    se. The only thing I’d ever do is just try to start up a conversation. Just
    to make someone question their faith would be all I’d like, even a seed of

  34. So, the lack of a belief in God (but open to the possibility) = agnostic.
    You claim atheism is the same thing, and then close with the “there is no
    God, he doesn’t exist” song, which I find a little funny. Not sure which
    view you’re really advocating for. More funny to me is the idea of a
    proselytizing atheist. That I think goes beyond having a respect and
    tolerance for other people’s views and philosophies, and is indicative of
    intellectual narcissism.

  35. If you are setting out to “deconvert” someone you probably don’t understand
    atheism yourself. 

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