“How to do Presuppositional Apologetics – Refuting Atheists & Proving God” – VIDEO


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  1. You comment guys obviously have it all worked , you would probably teach do what thou wilt. Truth sounds like hate speech to those who hate the truth. Only the fool says in his heart there is no God , just one big giant accident we're here hey boys.

  2. Did this cunt swallow a thesaurus? I think he needs an education on “civil law”. Being either American or Canadian (you cunts sound the same to me) he lives in a “common law” country, this means legislation is passed by the government (Know as “acts” at least in the UK), these acts are then submitted to the judiciary and only become “Law” when the judiciary “act” on them and then a “precedent” is set. If at a later date the judiciary choose to refute these “act’s”, they become negated as Law and a further “precedent” is set. I also need to point out that Morality is absolutely subjective! His own Bible is irrefutable evidence of this. Morality should always be challenged, that’s exactly what “common law” is all about. I realise the ideal of “common law” has been corrupted of late… in all the countries that use it… This will not stand well and I will do everything in my power to change that. Via the medium of dick jokes… They’re not just dick jokes!

  3. Holes In the Foam he sounds like the kind of “know it all cunt” I tend to destroy. I may not use big and clever words.. and my spelling and grammar is fucked…. I’m quite far from dumb. If anyone took offence at me calling all Americans and Canadians “cunts”.. please see the attached.

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