Howard Stern rails on Goober idiot Kirk Cameron – VIDEO


Nothing better than hearing Howard go on an anti Kirk rant. Mocking and shaming the type of moronic ideas that Kirk adheres to is precisely what needs to be done, again and again, until they…



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What drives me nuts is when Howard Stern has Alex Jones on his show and
Alex Jones spews his nonsense conspiracy theories about Chemtrails, the
NWO, George Soros, HAARP, Agenda 21, 9/11 truth, etc., and Howard Stern,
not knowing any better, buys into what he’s saying, even though 5 minutes
of research on Google will show you that none of these conspiracy theories
have any credibility.


AiU, Nothing should have popped in beside Howard now & then during the
Btw, when did this first broadcast?

Finite Atticus

I love that at 13:25 some ass calls in with fucking pascals wager.

Gregory Nietsky

The only way to handle these idiots is ridicule and scorn give the derp a


“You have to circumvent the rational mind, so Jesus can come in.” – Kirk

I think that says it all.

Vlad Tepes

“kids can’t pray in public (*schools?*)” err, yes they can, they just have to do it of their own volition… who can stop them? they can’t evangelize or be disruptive. not the same. People like Cameron need to be careful what they wish for. Because I would be *fine* with teaching the bible in school. Teach the bible in a comparative religion syllabus that gives equal weight to all religions, and forces children to think about the bible in a systematic and analytical way… teach “intelligent design” in a science class and then proceed to debunk it in the same… Read more »


I never was a fan of Howard’s Sirius show. Opie and Anthony always did it
better, and now Opie and Jim Norton are the greatest of all time!




Great Video: But, it touches on something that really pisses me off.
Teach the kids science & religion, and let the kids figure out which one
is wrong. That has to be the dumbest thing ever. Makes me want to hit
How about, all churches have to teach all religions, including Islam.


Fuck! That caller is a dumb shit! How hard is it to understand separation
of church and state?!!! 


Wait till you see his latest movie, in which he ‘saves christmas’. 

Haku infinite

list of things you can’t do in a classroom
-talk during a lesson, unless asking or answering a question/given
-talk on your phone
-drink mostly anything but water in a closeable container
-chew gum in most classes
-wear a HAT
-i’ve gotten in trouble for READING A BOOK, no it’s not the bible, it was
an entertaining book
-not pay attention
-talk off topic
praying is not on that list. anywhere. you can pray whenever the fuck you
want. whether or not people laugh at you depends on who’s around you. but
nobody is going to fucking stop you, unless it actually interrupted class


Ignorant name for a YT Channel …

Arrogant selfish minded atheism has been stopped millions of times. Entire
societies of small narrow minded atheists have been completely
overturned/abandoned in favor of something that actually makes sense.



They do teach Christianity in schools its called religious studies, but im
assuming Christians want Creationism taught as a science because its
“another alternative” ok thats fine, but that would mean teaching every
creationism story that has ever been to “give all sides of the argument”
then the science class would take forever to be taught. This is why we keep
religious and scientific studies separate. All religions should be kept
equal and out of science

Paddy O'Dore

Creationism: The belief that Kirk Cameron is smarter than Stephen Hawking.

Ferdinand Alexander

Howard, you’re just not educated on religion. From Scientologist to Hindus
and Buddhist you just don’t know what the hell you’re talking about. Many
of the apparent objects used in various religions are merely used as
pointers to that which their is no word for or that which is ineffable.

Opeth Jay

fuck religion and fuck politics

Cheesus Saves

Wow.. that first caller has cement for brains. A total hypocrite too or as
I like to call them, ‘hypochristians’. 


Kirk makes a ton of money from the Ray Comfort scam. He makes more money
off that crap than from any other source. Just check guidestone(dot) org or
(dot) com to see how much he makes. His don’t post that fact on the Ray
comfort page or they’ll call you name and block you. 

Hitchens Argumentum

In his description box the ‘roo wrote ‘Mocking and shaming the type of
moronic ideas that Kirk adheres to is precisely what needs to be done,
again and again, until they are marginalized to total irrelevance. ‘

I cannot agree more strongly! They MUST be pushed out of our history into
the trash heap of irrelevancy. Stern does a great job of demolishing this
Cameron person.

Little over 25 minutes – all audio with pictures .


I miss Howard so much. I haven’t really listened to him since he left radio
and tv.


I agree, im worried about the scientist who are not atheist or agnostic. Its like with every other part of life, religion can be a part of your life. Its when religion becomes your life, that’s when the crazy comes out. Look at Muslims, those people are told when to wake (to pray), how to walk in and out of a room, how to hand greet others, what to eat & how to eat it, how to wash & when to wash, what to wear and how to wear it, and countless other cult like rules made to keep morons… Read more »


6:30 I think Howard misheard Kirk say “I find great comfort” instead of “my
friend Ray Comfort” at 5:05

Darren Carpenter

More like this please


if you guys haven’t already, you should check out howard stern taking down
will smith and oprah …it’s fucking hilarious:

Howard & Robin goof on Will Smith – 1/3