I can see it now… Biden/Obama 2020…


NYT: Biden sees himself as Democrats’ best hope

Former Vice President Joe Biden is in the final stages of deciding if he will run for president in 2020, according to a report from The New York Times. #CNN #News



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Rocky Alvarez

Well he has sucked enough black cock so if Obama gives him a good reference he might do ok lol

sir robert

bahaha. uncle feeley Joe biden quote manufacturing will never return to the usa.

Арман Бай

Is anybody younger 70???

Me Me

Bernie and Biden !!! Yesss I’m good with that

James Moore

Biden can't beat Trump, the only one who might have a chance is Bernie Sanders, so let's all pray that Robert Mueller exposes Trump for the treasonous traitor that he is


Bernie is the only guy that can defeat trump. for any other democrat I am simply voting trump.


ughh fuck no. Bernie Sanders 2020 please.


lol looks like trump will repeat easy.

The Guillotine

Lol, Democrats…


lol bring it on #trump2020

j r

Bernie is the only hope. Biden will be a disaster!

Richard Williams

Bernie can’t run morons. He has to take care of his wife’s court case. Just in case your limited on what you read or what cnn reports, the bitch committed campaign fraud. Good luck Bernie. Speaking of Bernie, got to take my morning shit.

Stewart Professional Services

Bernie would be a Vice President we could be proud of. Simply promoting Mr Biden, awesome as he is to a hundred million people, he can not even beat Obama or Hillary which Mr Trump has done, some how. hmmm maybe a top of the ticket that is not a forgone conclusion. In 2016 the Dems, already pro Hillary and many still are, perhaps did not allow this WIDE OPEN playing field. I want to see A O C and all of the US House members as well as favourites we know. Equal time will generate many hours of 'content'… Read more »


The Crime Bill
Anita Hill
Bankruptcy bill

Ilidio Carmona

so the dems are going to repeat the mistakes of 2016…..ignore the will of the people…..bernie was a sure winner but because he was not a establishment folower he was throwned under a bus by his own party…..smart choice!


If Democrats want to win. Go with Tulsi Gabbard. That's your only hope.

Rd G

12 years left to stop climate disaster…. so elect Biden?


Nope, too much of a bonehead.

Need stronger stuff, most Dems are clones, they act like Hilary.


Stop hiring old men.

He is not very sharp.

they need new blood. we need someone like Blumberg or Schiff

Rd G

What matters more to him is who can preserve the donors not who can beat Trump

Rd G

He will get meetoed on day one