I Despise Religion – So What? – The Atheist Experience #803… – VIDEO


Produced by the Atheist Community of Austin. The Atheist Experience # 803 Clip. Hosted by Matt Dillahunty & Don Baker. March 3, 2013. Meet Miles from East Fi…

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Oregon Pundit

Miles and a guy named, George, are the same dummies.


It is so funny how religion has bullied and persecuted people since it’s
beginning. Not too long ago I would be risking my life standing up against
religion, and in some parts of the world that still holds true.

But now religion is trying to play this poor little persecuted entity.


If you’re concerned about opinions of stupid, biased or bigoted people,
that’s your problem.

Plutot Crever

This caller is totally Pastor George with a disguised voice and accent.

G Zuss

There is no shame in hating religion and no reason, I can see *not* to hate
religion(s). That doesn’t mean religious people should be, or are, hated.
No one is saying that people shouldn’t be allowed to practice their
religion either.

Believers, like all humans, can be good or bad without religion. Still, as
institutions, religions are generally pretty awful.


The caller does have a point. The hosts of the show, pretty much all of them, would LOVE for a theist to become an atheist, or at the very least hope that a person who is looking for an answer receives an answer. HOWEVER they could care less if a person gets a misconception about atheism after watching the show? There is something hugely wrong here. At the very least, as a disclaimer, they could start the show with a 10 second image of the definition of atheism, as a sort of “this is what atheism is, nothing more nothing… Read more »

Rob DiRusso

This is definitely a systemic problem with the misconception of atheism.
Yes it comes from the pulpit. True story I told someone that I am an
atheist and he basically said I worship Satan. I told him I dont worship
Satan because I dont believe in Satan! 


I love how the guy called Jeff “Jeffrey.”


This caller is so dense and needs to grow some balls. What a cunt.


As an anti-theist (&, somehow, an atheist) myself, thank you for the show!
BTW, you should really consider changing , and re-changing , and
re-changing… the name of your show to exaclty what each caller likes.
Shame on you for not coming up with that perfect idea yourself!

Mumbo Jumbo

same fake caller as Stotch from Gouldsboro PA on show #800


Notice that he kept loosing his phony accent.

Cristi Neagu

I agree with Miles that theists watching this show might start believing
that atheist = anti-theist. But i agree with Matt more that this is a
problem of the theists caused by their own ignorance. And i also agree that
if Miles has a problem with people making this association, he should get
out and make everyone understand what an atheist is. Maybe then we’ll stop
hearing crap like: “You’re atheists, you say there’s no god.”.


I think this guy is religious! 


His fake accent is not fooling anyone.

David Heffron

I wonder why he was putting on that weird voice. 

Dean Goodhue

cowardly atheist who is afraid of offending anyone ,people like this make
me sick.


Pastor George tries his hand at concern trolling.

Fuck off, George. You’re spunk.

Moe Munny

TRANSLATION: You uncouth, militant, rowdy NEGROES make us “good” negroes
look bad.


matt is kinda right but he was also kinda of an asshole about it.

Ian Littlewood

That is an absolutely awful fake accent.


Because the blind can’t see, doesn’t mean the sun doesn’t shine.

Hypocritical Atheist


Put on comment replys you coward. >:C


The caller wants to be an appeaser toward religion. He actually thinks himself superior to theists and those poor folks need their religion and we mustn’t challenge them or offend their tender sensibilities because they might crumble without their delusions. He wants them to praise him for being so “understanding” and “respectful” regardless of the continued harm they reek on society and human progress. He’s far more worried about what they think of him than that they don’t actually think critically at all when it comes to their religion. I’m with Matt and Don on this. We shouldn’t ever be… Read more »

Rebecca Trenorden

Oh f#%* off George. You’re arguing with theist logic. You’re fake voice
didn’t fool any of us. I’m quite sure Matt knew this too. He was
particularly harsh on you cos he knew you were pastor dimwit George. Just


Isn’t this that repeat caller George with a fake accent?


The caller is putting that accent on.


Saying to people that their beliefs are false is NOT hatred!

Colin Baker

What is an eyetheist?

Chandos Plantagenet

Search youtube for ‘You Atheists Are Ganging Up On People #866’, ‘What the
hell are you talking about #801’ and ‘IGNORANT RACIST CATHOLIC #806’, ‘Them
Atheists Got Faith Too! #814’.

*These all are the same idiot* under different guises.

Chef Asbury

Love how he pretends. George. Come on.

Tera Nelson

“if your an atheist and you don’t hate religion, I don’t think your a bad atheist, I just think your a bad human being” FUCK YOU MATT, so If I don’t hate religion and I show tolerance towards religious beliefs and practices that does not actively harm others I’m a bad human being? Its stands like that, that makes it impossible for Identify myself as an atheist any more, because I don’t want to get lumped into the same group as ass hats like you that says If I don’t agree with your intolerance towards religion, I’m a bad human… Read more »


Good caller. He had some sound critique. I don’t think Matt was in a good
mood this day. lol

The show is called the Atheist Experience, but it is leaned towards an
anti-theistic view. So someone who watches the show would conclude that
anti-theism is a characteristic of atheism.

It’s like if there was a show called the Black Experience, but it was run
by the Nation of Islam. Many may conclude that antisemitism was a
characteristic of blackness.

Caller suggests, without actually saying it, that they should change their
name to the Anti-Theist Experience, because it is a specific description to
the overall tone of the show.

Rickkrock Star

Hey guy imagine you just got rid of all religions,

There would still be no peace.
And war would still exist.
Because of people like you..

Who will only except people around you because they conform to your idea.


+Tera Nelson you could be tolerating the intolerable, in which case you
*may* qualify as a bad person.

Remember what Edmund Burke said: “All it takes for evil to triumph is for
good men to do nothing.”

You can sit on the fence and let chaos ensue, I don’t think you are immoral
in the same sense, perhaps you did a bad thing due to misguidance, but if
you willingly do nothing after knowing the fact, that is wrong.

Almighty Shippo

I’m having trouble trying to figure out what his fake accent is supposed to
be. It seems a mix of English, South African, Indian, Australian, American
‘Southern’ accent, and some others that I can’t even identify. George, if
you want to call with a fake accent, here’s a tip. Pick a person that has
that accent, and pretend everything you are saying is being said by that
person (in your head) and project that. 


Why is it most of the Atheist Experience videos I see on YouTube arent
actually on their channel.. I realize they allow people to use their video
content for their videos but unless you are associated with the channel
itself I dont think they intended for people to just record and replay as
their uploaded content.


And around and around we go, and at every turn, this guy seems to be losing
his accent by degrees.


What a nut.


For a second I believed the accent, then he couldn’t stick with it after
the first couple of sentences.


Fuck off Miles.

Jesper Jee

This caller has to decide where he lives in the world. Pick an accent (or
personality) and stick with it!

Alex Kilgour

I am both a mammal and a Homo Sapien. Just because I am Home Sapien doesn’t
mean I can’t declare that I am a mammal.

Anti-theists would be almost without fail Atheists, though not all Atheists
are anti-Theist.


Today I’m an agnostic atheist, tomorrow….who knows.

Pastor George is an atheist. Proof that atheism closes its doors to no one.

Actually it’s just Pastor George trying to get aytheusts to put themselves
into a nice little box so that he can vent his spleen at the right sort of

Atheist: I don’t believe in Gods. After that, we can argue about all sorts
of other things.


Well done Matt ★★★★★



Man Miles slow.


This guy’s accent is totally put on

spunk monkey

Isn’t anti-theism the thought that if god did exist then it would be a bad
thing. like a dictatorship. 


Pastor George’s fake accent is worse than Dick van Dyke’s in “Mary Poppins”
and James Doohan’s on “Star Trek”.