I dunno, sleazy Roger sounds pretty scared shitless to me…


Roger Stone lashes out at “leftist retards” talking about his upcoming criminal trial, calls CNN’s Ana Navarro “porquita, a little piglet”

OWEN SHROYER (CO-HOST): Roger, what is it like? I mean, you have Ana Navarro, you have Don Lemon, you have Stephen Colbert — you have all these mainstream media hacks just lying about you, celebrating this illegal takedown of you. I mean — this is sick, Roger. I don’t even know what to say at this point.

ROGER STONE (CO-HOST): Owen, Owen, this is really simple. A man is known by his enemies. Ana Navarro, porquita, a little piglet. This woman is 50 pounds of [Rep. Adam] Schiff in a 20-pound bag. Talentless. No accomplishment. She’s the “political consultant” who’s never actually elected anybody to anything. She’s really a nasty diva, very abusive of the makeup people, and the hair people, waiters, doormen, cab drivers, and she’s accomplished nothing. She’s an enormous sack of Schiff and an abusive person on top of it. So, I revel in your hatred, Ana, and when I’m acquitted I’m going to go right back to criticizing you for your total lack of talent or intelligence. Puerco is what I would say.

Now Don Lemon, those glasses, by the way, have windowpane glass in them. He doesn’t need glasses, he wears those to try to look intelligent, but in all honesty it doesn’t help. As far as Stephen Colbert is concerned — that’s right, Stephen, that’s the way it is.

So, you know, as I said in the movie Get Me Roger Stone, which unfortunately Robert Mueller watched and thought it was entitled “Get Roger Stone,” I revel in the hatred of these leftist retards. They’re not talented; they’re not funny.


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