I just love the way Sen. Harris totally bitchslaps Meghan McCain without missing a beat, and with a smile on her face. That was awesome.


Sen. Kamala Harris On Fellow Democrats Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez And Rashida Tlaib | The View



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B Cheeze

Meghan needs to shut up

Bella Reese

Love Mrs. Harris. The real deal.

Gerardo Resendiz

have you noticed that the good has no qualified woman to president why?

Gerardo Resendiz

have noticed that she didn't went what about Trump la Megan n Abby

cush african

Get the illegal immigration out of California now


Please pronounce Ocasio correctly

tyrone blackshear

HAHA the Establishment really want to stuff Ms Harris down are throats. News flash! If you didn't know people who are unfamiliar with the Establishment funding money through book sells because it can't be traced back to their donor that's how President Obama got rich. The elite want their politicians to have the same financial class and also get them accustom to that life style that they will do anything to keep it. The other payment the Establishment does is after they've done their bidding during your term in office the reward you with many 30 minutes speeches for usually… Read more »

David Kennedy

Kamala wants to bring criminals into the country to replace good Americans they kill.
A widow, Dawn Witherspoon, has to fight the system two weeks after an
illegal criminal (drinking all day with 184 breath test…then drives)
kills her husband in 2017 (Jupiter, Florida)…., Wasserman Shultz..no
help, Bill Nelson….no help….Marco Rubio….no help…..
Two Paramedics are dead…..great
humans that saved lives……1 illegal piece of crap is alive and two
good humans are replaced with a piece of crap. The demwit idiots want
to replace legal great Americans with garbage.

Sandy Sunrise

KAMALA HARRIS: "Wisdom, morality, honesty, integrity, decency, all things lacking in the White House today!"


Guess what Meghan? It was a bold idea to put a man on the moon and sure people back then thought it was an absolutely ridiculous idea. Ur orange dictator wants trillions of dollars to build a space force. But ur enraged because AOC wants to ban carbon emissions?!? Really?

Expat In Spain

Meghan speaking lies??!! Wow! How low they fall. 70% tax rate for those that make TEN MILLION DOLLARS! Meghan takes it personally because it would mean that she would have to start paying more taxes. Betting my bottom dollar that most people do not make that much. Don't be manipulated by the rich.


Between Woopie and Meeeghan The View has became an anti-progressive channel, even clearly stating their position on pro-establishment, old school ways of corruption…

Will Wright

I from N.Y. and I'm so happy that A.O.C. has become this lightning rod! She's so genuine and real. Those that hate on her are hating because she's everything they are not! She has come not to conquer but to liberate! #AlexandriaTheGreat!

Roodie V

Shut up McBrat

Amaris Silvera

no meghan she did not say 70% tax for all, she proposed a marginalized tax rate for those who earn over 10 million which was 50-60%. this means that americans would pay different tax percentages based on wage and over all income. its funny how conservatives are so mad about this but are quiet about trumps 1 trillion tax cut for the rich that came out of the majority of americans pockets

Rebecca Mhagama

Megan, it’s O-cah-sio not O-cae-sio. Say it with me—“Ocasio-Cortez.”

Beef Supreme

It is the height of cowardice to keep leveling these attacks at Alexandria Occasio-Cortez without having her on the show to answer for herself. The View is turning into serious propaganda.

John Morris

I have always loved this woman.


abby a whole fake ahh

John Bunker

Protector of her sexual assault employee.

Carlos Rosas

President Harris has spoken


Kamala Harris … stop looking down when you speak … it looks like you are lying … look at who you are talking to or look into the camera.