I think I’m back, oh… and FUCK FACEBOOK!


Just a quick post to say that I’m blocked from being able to do anything on my FB account for 30 days as of yesterday. Apparently some MAGAt trolls reported a post of me calling Matt Gaetz a “cracker felon”, with a link to a video where he’s acting like a fucking cracker. Yep, that’s what did me in with Facebook. I can’t even comment on anything or message any of my friends or family, over that fucking shit.

Anyway, it’s safe to say that I’m at the end of my rope with FB anyway. It’s become more of a burden and a nuisance than the social media platform and communication channel that it used to be. The only reason I’ve even been active on FB at all is because of the HITF page. I barely ever do or say anything on my personal account anymore. The only thing that sucks is that FB messaging was the only/primary way for me to keep in touch with a lot of different people in my life, including family members. That ends right now. As soon as I’m out of the FB dungeon, I’ll be eliminating any dependency on FB for any kind of communication once and for all.

Then, I will slowly detach each of the remaining threads that keep me bound to FB, including coming up with some way to “replace” the Holes in the Foam page, which I still enjoy keeping up and engaging with what I consider the coolest collection of smart-asses and wiseacres on the fucking planet.

So come December 13 or so, things will more or less be in place for the transition. I hope that at least the core of our followers will be willing to come along and help make the change something worthwhile.

In the meantime, I’ll be slowly getting the blog back to some kind of active/productive status, so feel free to check-in from time to time. I’ll get with Sarah, our other admin (who fortunately wasn’t blocked by the tyrannical thugs at FB) to post an occasional update from here.

Let’s see what happens.


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