I wanted to watch more of the Whitaker shitshow, but after 5 minutes, I found myself just wanting to pound that smug-ass cue ball head in with a shovel…


House Democrats grill Acting Attorney General Matthew Whitaker

Whitaker defended his handling of Robert Mueller’s investigation during questioning by House Democrats, testifying that he had not shared information about the investigation with Trump.



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Tony Harris

Acting attorney general is not to be trusted.


Whitaker is a idiot. I hope he enjoys jail.

Eric Evans

And the Oscar go's to oh oh its a fight the democrats are on the floor! Who is it going to be. It's up for grabs which one is going to be more stupid. Each one trying to put do the other. We got fake anger, tipsy Nancy, cuck the Chuck, the outragous Cortez, and I'm Spartacus. On an on stupidity just never stops. Where you at Maxine why ain't you in on this. Please if you are a politician or an actor/actress or althete please I beg you grow up!

Dave Mahone

Democrats waste their time. Nothing will come of this.


the committee does a lot of tough talking, but more looks like a dysfunctional circus

Sharon Alexander

I would not pay one dime. For this attorney rep anyone he is stupid

L. Renzi-Resmini

‪@AGWhitaker_ Gratefully impressed with your tenacity, transparency, patriotism, and strength to hold tight to ethics you embody, while ruthless, destructive Dems interrogate you and "lay in wait" for the fall of America under fearless leadership of Pres.Trump. It Won't happen!. ‬

voiceless void

Don't blame me for ur problems I'm jus playing ur game

voiceless void

Sometimes wish earth would eat most of American people so I can have a job since u guys like being slaves

Wally Wally

Is this normal, I swear it felt like the kkk is questioning him.

Alan Werner

Hey Matt! Your Haircut makes you look like a Nazi Skinhead. Or is that done on purpose? And correct me if I”m wrong, but isn’t this guy supposed to be approved by some Congressional Committee?? Or did we dispense with that as well since 9-11 under the so-called Patriot Act?? Honestly I don’t know..

Lou Montana

SkinHead Jerk! He sat before the world and lied. He is Trump's little puppet.

Juan L

This bunch of brainless Democrats are a disgrace and anti-americans, they are not seeking for the truth but trying to manipulate it for their own sick and twisted agenda. The people of the USA need to open their eyes before it is too late.

Kurt Cyrier

Dems r sick people

Tom O'Donovan

They grilled Whitaker so much, that you could have slapped a T-Bone steak on his head and cooked it well done!

John Christopher Robert

The hearing was theater every lawmaker on the hill knows that he didn’t interfere with the Muller investigation. If he did Muller’s team would have informed congress of any interference. In addition, something extremely over the top would have to happen to stop the investigation. No one individual can shut it down at this point, so it doesn’t matter that it’s a witch hunt. This investigation will continue until Trump leaves office to make sure he doesn’t step to far out of line.