I wonder when Loopy Rudy’s head starts spinning…


The Democratic Party is preparing an onslaught of investigations into Trump and his dealings when they retake the House of Representatives, and CNN has found job postings showing that Democrats are indeed looking for lawyers to help them out. While we’re all anxious to remove Trump from power, this is not the best use of the new Democratic majority in the House. We have to be smart or we can kiss 2020 goodbye, as Ring of Fire’s Farron Cousins explains.



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Dennis Harrison

Since when do democrats care about children dying since they have killed millions of them.this bald headed prick is such a liar.for over 2 years they have found nothing on president trump.this bald headed dummy and food stamp Barry said Obama care was gonna fix health care so I guess that was another lie just like u can keep your Dr n plan.btw it was the parents who killed there kids dragging them across the desert and dehydration killed them and it was to late by the time they was found.so dumass blame the parents and stop lying about it… Read more »

Pqul Stillman

Lock Trump up! I Lock Trump Up! Lock Trump up!

Margaret Worth

Oh please please make this sick evil bastard perv suffer make him and all his cronies beg for their pathetic fucking sad lives then lock them all up for good this GOP should be ashamed of themselves they are a disgrace to America

Chahé Adourian

Why assume they cant do both? Its not like they dont have the funds.


Why can't we get Trump on Tax Evasion? That's how Al Capone was caught…..Tax Evasion.

Lenny M

Why not all of the above???

Kim Harden

As far as I’m concerned, trump and the dems are the same. Trump just doesn’t talk pretty

J Hill

With Nancy Pelosi there will never be any Medicare for all.

Drastic Fisherman

Those lawyers should be used to defend themselves, the traitors! The border deaths are the democraps fault, the migrants were told/payed to come by them!!

Tina Desouky

Rejection to a transplant recipient by NOT suppressing the immune response is a CURE to the malignant faction.

fitzroy blake

She’s a Bitch
Might be dumb
Still a Bitch

Jeff Keathley

Don’t know what country you’re talking about, 70-80 percent of Americans are for Trump!

Johnnie Harnest

Dems will need a lot of lawyers. To get out of gitmo !!

Senam Lawson

2019 is already starting out to be a good year. Go Dems: investigate & hold them ALL accountable for their actions and lack thereof!!
Let's make America great normal again: the time BEFORE Drump.

Troy J

– 79%think Dreamers should be allowed to remain in the country & apply for citizenship
– 78% support paid family medical leave.
– 77% want campaign finance reform.
– 74% back boosting the minimum wage.
– 70% support Medicare-for-all.
– 68% say we can fight climate change and protect jobs.
– 66% support stricter gun laws.
– 97% support universal background checks.
– 62% support tuition free college.

Out of the 33 developed countries, 32 have universal health care.
Even a "3rd-World" country like THAILAND has Universal Health Care.
Moreover, according to the US National Library of Medicine, Thailand is the #1 destination for medical tourists.

Marton Steve



Why not both?

Macarthur Louissaint

We need 55 investigation this jack ass got to go

Macarthur Louissaint

You sound like a like a Republican

Noah Vale

I've waited 2 years for this !

Christine Gentles

Why presume that they won't be doing both!? I have heard incoming and existing Democrats say they intend on doing BOTH simultaneously!!

Passing Through

Hate to break it to you Dems but Trump isn’t going anywhere . The antichrist must remain in power . I know – you think I’m an ignorant fundy – but you will see .

Bucky Pinata

Over 750 days and the Lefts pussies are still sore and itchy….pass out more Vagisil….


You speak really well and I hope you continue to do great work nice job man. 🙂

Gary Chandler


Ethan Mansueto

The Democrats