Ian Harris at Reason Rally 2016 – VIDEO


Ian Harris is a comedian, director and mixed martial arts fighter. He integrates skepticism and critical thinking into his comedy and has a unique fighting style he calls “Fight Science”.

At age 21 in the year 1992, Ian moved to Los Angeles from Santa Cruz, California, with a friend. There they wrote the script Armaghetto, which they unsuccessfully tried to sell. Shortly after his arrival in Los Angeles he was asked, after an audition, to close the show Annex Sunday Night at the comedy club The Ice House. After that he toured the U.S. performing at comedy shows. He often appeared in the comedy club Punch Line.

In 2000 he moved back to Los Angeles, where he earned a reputation for being brash and irreverent in his comedy. However, in 2006 he stopped doing stand-up comedy and touring, because of his production work and the birth of his daughter in 2005.

In 2011 Harris came back to stand-up comedy, integrating skepticism and critical thinking into his act. He has made fun of Vaccine controversies, glucose intolerance, politics and religions. Six months after his comeback, Harris toured with comedians Jason Relser and Maurice Northup, doing a secular comedy show The Evolution of Comedy Tour.

On December 21, 2012 he recorded his comedy special Ian Harris: Critical & Thinking.

Ian is also a regular contributing writer for US Weekly magazine’s Fashion Police.

Harris has performed his comedy act at several atheist and skeptical events:

2012 Ascent of Atheism Convention in Denver

2013 American Humanist Association National Convention in San Diego

2013 CFI Summit in Tacoma, Washington

In 2014 he hosted a Sunday Assembly in Los Angeles and in 2013 he performed for Atheists United.



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