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I like the story in the Op. It provides a chance to share the awe and wonder of the universe and explain why I have a nerdgasm cuz of physics, chemistry,biology. Then I canperhaps crack open the door for them to accepting some science along with their god. While god is not real, the delusions of him are occurring and can be schizo like, vividly real. Alittle validation works wonders, imo. Saying god is not real makes absolutely no sense to them. It reinforces their idea that they have the radio tuner in their head that picks up god’s signal… Read more »

I can make up stories too. This one time a shark had a fricken laser beat attached to it’s head, and it went around taking out all the people who still believe in bronze age mythology. It didn’t walk on land, it could fly, and the fricken laser beam was accurate so it only took out the people responsible for perpetuating stupidity. Then the shark rested.

OMFG guys!!! I found proof that laser sharks existed!!!

It’s more proof than what they got. 😛

It all boils down to cognitive dissonance. With the Dunning-Kruger effect for extra flavor. 😛

It boils down what do we do about it. How do we intervene? I was there, my friend. God was very real to me. I couldn’t deny him any more than my parents. A clinical perspective might work better than a warrior approach standing on a platform of contempt and ridicule. IMO

I don’t have very popular opinions. Sorry. Most people just call me a troll and banish me from the island.

Amazingly the story was fictional just like the invisible creator.