Darkmatter2525: If God Became an SJW – VIDEO


Can Jeffery talk God out of being an SJW, or will SJWs themselves make God realize what a carcinogenic ideology they espouse? Perhaps actions will speak louder than words. I understand that I’ll probably get a lot of shit for this video, and to those of you who disagree, please try to refrain from a typical unthinking Pavlovian response to my use of the dreaded SJW “buzzword” (or “bellword” as it were). Social justice has been bastardized into the new creationism. In its name, people have been supporting unsubstantiated belief and suspicion over evidence. Concepts that were once clear and valid, like safe spaces, triggers, privilege, racism, and sexism, have had their meanings altered to the point of deception through the repeated abuse and misuse of the terminology until it succumbs to utter triviality at best, downright divisiveness at worst, and ultimately exemplifies the ironic justification of blatant bigotry through collectivist ideals that strive to supplant perceived supremacy with intentional supremacy and authoritarianism. “…but, but, but, DarkMatter, why would you be against equality?!” Yeah right. Beware of those who co-opt virtuous language to suit their nefarious deeds. Such hypocrisy is abhorrent to me, so I reserve the right to speak about it. If you care about equality, as I do, then you’ll reject its misuse as a term.

I would also caution against falling into similar tactics through the overuse/misuse of terms like “SJW” and “regressive” which are terms that can certainly be valid, but shouldn’t be applied to people who do not manufacture controversy and are sincerely trying to fight actual injustices, like real racism and real sexism, with no thought of using such battles solely to elevate their status. Overusing and misapplying those terms is little different than calling everyone racist and sexist at the drop of a hat.



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DarkMatter, did TJ's last video "Nuance is Dead" influence you in the making of this? His video was really one of his best so I wouldn't be surprised at all. I'm glad we have you too on our side.

John Eric Estrada

HELPFUL SUGGESTION: can you put subtitles please? 🙂 it's kinda hard to hear what "god" says. thanks!


Good stuff. Your stuff often reminds me of South Park in its brutal and satirical truth.

Ljkokm Kknklmm

It's all about those positive vibes


It puzzles me how some Atheists will demand facts and evidence for religious claims, but when it comes to the claims that SJWs make (particularly modern feminists) all of a sudden it's: "No Citation Needed".

If you make claims without facts or evidence to back it up (whether you're a religious person, a 3rd wave RadFem or any other type of SJW) be prepared to be called out on it.


I'm glad to see the use of the term SJW. Don't let the haters get to you.


hittler died for you


Interesting, very convoluted… or its 3 am. not sure which. but decent critique.

Though I don't know how well the caricature of the sjw actually applies to reality.

ya what ever bout the period blood.

Rise of Atheism (Eradicate Religion)

Christians are trying hard to be accepted in progressive society.


Vangjo Pula

Im never going to America.I'd rather live in this country homeless.
Than live like a king in America,knowing there are these shitheads there.

Indy J



Let's face it most people who don't like the term "sjw" ARE one.

Ladderadder Mcglitternips

This video literally raped me


The war to save society's freedom is upon us. Social fascists have taken over, under the guise of do-gooders and well-meaning activists. However, they are really misguided fools, attempting to 'save' everyone from themselves. The biggest enemy of the 2010's are mental midgets who the rest of us know as Social Justice Warriors. The weak-willed, narcissistic, mentally-immature self-appointed thought and language police of the world. Seeking to spread discourse, hatred, racism, sexism, and discrimination throughout the entire Western world under the guise of "social justice." Those who know what shame is and care about their public reputation are often powerless… Read more »

bestpsychosean hasnolastname

Ew Sjws get out of my safe space.

horatio caine

search ( schools teaches hate )


Nice hair God. :)


The outro made me giggle uncontrollably

Michael Iv

…Is this an American thing? If so, I am so glad to be British right now


literally rofl ending

That Guy

anyone else hate the world we live in?

Eric Mackrodt

It's weird the kinda of spot I'm seeing Atheists at, at least observing the US from outside.Because Atheists usually question everything and they are very skeptic, they have always been hated by Christians, Muslims and other Religious groups. What's happening now is that they are also hated by SJWs, who deem themselves as liberals and progressives, who are technically atheists too and, ironically, it's basically for the same reason religious people hate Atheists, because they dare to question things.The sad thing is that you can't even agree with almost everything they say, if you question anything, you'll be the enemy.I… Read more »


Sjws say that race shouldn't be an issue, but they care just as much to label people with one and then act on those notions. Same thing racists do. You know what I think? Just talk to people like you would anyone else, quit caring about their skin or whatever else. Another tip, it always helps to stop playing a victim, you determine your success in life by the choices you make. If it doesn't work out the first time, try again, or try something else. If something bad happens, choose to heal and move on, don't get hung up… Read more »

The Mixing Chef Performance

nice video darkmatter 🙂 at the end of the video you have this scene where both characters make noises consecutively, every time you switch between characters the audio starts out and ends with a click because you have cut off the audio too roughly and so the audio starts end ends too abruptly, give the audio clips about 3 ms of fade in and out and you'll be rid of it 🙂 grts keep up making the great content!

The Toxic Atheist


Mira Smit

LMAO. Brilliant.