If God Played Minecraft… – VIDEO


Please consider supporting my work through Patreon here: http://www.patreon.com/DarkMatter2525 God, Jesus, Not-Muhammad, and Jeffery play Minecraft. This can…



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Bacon Maken

I think a sacrifice option and having villagers worship you would be pretty
cool. They should add something in which players can earn reputation of
being considered a God or a king. Minecraft is an ancient world after all.

Detective Hamza

Okay, I’m a muslim and I find this so funny. XD


I started to believe in god whem I was five. WORST FUCKING MISTAKE OF MY
LIFE. I was always afraid of going to hell if I did one little bad thing
and that type of shit, I also didnt trust my grandma’s basement cuz someone
told me there was a demon down there, I also couldnt sleep cuz I thought
evil entities were watching me. Then after a while I realized how foolish I
was. I’m a atheist and I’m proud!! :D


Ugh, I hate that the fact that this video almost has 1,000,000 views
seriously the majority of you all completely ignore the message of this
video and all of his other work instead, all you care about is the fact
that it’s an animation regarding minecraft and find it greatly entertaining
I hate how idiotic and mindless the youtube community has become.


You don’t have to be such a dick to people who believe in god. Now, if you
DID believe in God and are just making harmless little jokes, that would be

Eddie Gluskin



guys do you really think the Islam is bad ? the Islam has block the pig because he’s meet is bad for your body and the “Jesus”and the god is one right ? my friend tell me the god and the Jesus is one ?! and my other friend tell me the god is a Different guy and the jesus is a Different guys !!! really wtf ? in the torat is not the same in a other country in USA and UK and every where !!!!! the Quran is same in any country in the world 😀 i don’t… Read more »


“Call of Duty has way better graphics” XD

God should play Sims though.


darkmatter isn’t an atheist

Laluk Cung

I love this! But please don’t make God swear, pretty uncomfortable to watch
with those languages.

aymen jouini

i hate you i hate you i hate you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


“… I like to make sweet sweet love to the ladies.”

Jeffery is the shit.

Raphial Lee

dude. your arguments has been left for dead long ago so why are you keep
bringing them up. Even Atheist philosophers stop bringing up arguments
like, If god can’t get rid of himself then he is not omnipotence. By saying
such thing you are not limiting God, but the word itself. Omnipotence,
Power to do all accept nonsense. To say or ask if god can create a rock he
can’t lift is like saying can god create a triangle with only 2 sides. 



Holy shit i laughed so hard i fucking cried.

nick jack

I really like the comedy and commentary on religions. But wouldn’t
Not-Muhammad call Jesus “Isa”?

takitha hill

How ever u r I will kick ur ass if u make that stuff again and I am 10 and
I love God


10/10 would watch again


haha im on an alienware right now

Cortney Pruden

R.I.P Ya’Foor


the initial argument is flawed. God can be omnipotent and omnipresent at the same time and he can be omnipotent and not omnipresent for a little while, its up to him to choice what he wants to do with all these powers. The first part of the video doesn’t prove anything, it just shows how powerful he is and how he can choose among his powers. let us not forget this is all God he can bend the rules and defy logic anyway he wants. IF HE AT HIS OWN WILL CHOOSES TO GIVE UP ONE POWER FOR TO FAVOR… Read more »


lol this is funny why is everyone making such a big deal about this

NunyaDam Bizzy

your art has gotten so much better,can ya teach me?

shine dark

christian anarchy anti illuminati 4 life jesus is lord ps the dinosaurs
were satan’s attempt to disrupt the human genetic code to try and stop
jesus from being born Genesis 6:1-8 Genesis 3:15 New Living Translation
(NLT) lol funny video doe


Can someone take me to God’s shack?! I like that dirt house T_T

Videos From Finland


serenity barry

Whatever you believe in, I don’t care. I think this is just fucking


What was so funny about sheep in a church? I’m not religious or anything,

Fleur Puttock

If God played the Sims,he’d invite everyone in the neighborhood to his
house,remove all the doors,and start a fire.

Geoffrey Brunell

Lol “Moses’s tablet had better graphics than this.”

jordon cox

This is making fun of my god REALLY GOD CURSING NO NO AND NO TOTAL


3:00 I think that the fire would spread to the rest of the bedroom.


THIS IS OFFENSIVE, how DARE you offend GOD the all in mighty being that shall judge you on the moment of your death, UNLESS you accept god and jesus into your heart WHICH MAY I REMIND YOU god HIMSELF made for you!!! I DEMAND THAT YOU TAKE DOWN THIS VIDEO AND NEVER DISRESPECT GOD AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! : : : / just joking, im an atheist, and that was me acting as someone who doesn’t know about freedom of speech


But I do have to ask, Why is Mohamed censored?

Sage Reader

If you can’t leave, you’re not omnipotent. And if you can leave, you’re not

u wot m8

chase tharington

when you take the names of the people listed in Genesis chapter 5 and put
what there names in Hebrew mean. (like Adam means Man, Noah means rest and
comfort) You get a hidden phrase about Jesus thousands of years before the
fact! Here is what it says (Man Appointed Mortal Sorrow. The blessed god
Shall come down Teaching. His death shall bring The despairing Rest and
comfort) this is why i believe in Christianity and the experiences i have

Rob Calton

OMA hahaha =)

King Fuhrer Dravenman Dark lord of all

Probably my favorite.

Ze Bagel

Good, an atheist video for the 12 year olds on youtube.