Darkmatter2525: If Muhammad Replaced Trump – VIDEO


If the ideals of Islamism came out of Trump’s mouth, how would the Left & Right react? If any Muslims do respond to this cartoon, I have a couple predictions: 1. Some will respond by saying that the verses are out of context (standard response), but notice that none of these verses are actually justified by their context, and 2. Some other verse will be presented that contradicts one of the verses I used, which proves nothing other than the fact that the Islamic texts in question are contradictory.

Special thanks to IntrovertedSmiles, an ex-Muslim who helped me with the verses used in this video. He has recently been under attack by very large Muslim channels (with millions of subs). Show him some support!
His channel:



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The more I hear about this Islam, the more I like it… 😀 What now, feminists?..

The Easily Bored Gamer

my god….. I knew it all along that hillary…. didn't shave her legs

Christopher Townsel


Animator Geek

from what I learn women get half not because they are dumb. becuase they are emotional being. what women talk are different when they act. non muslim also see this Princess Snow Flake everyday. I just accept women for who they are. Too much hormone of estrogen. make women feeling moody all of sudden. what a great leader women. Decision base on hormone and how they feel only. goog


We decided not to criminally charge Hillary because we could not demonstrate malicious intent. Although she deliberately fired a bullet towards a man's head, we do not believe she had any knowledge of what a bullet does when it exits a gun pointed at a man's head, because we cannot prove that she is technically inclined enough to understand the mechanics of it. Thus without playing favoritism, we can, in all good conscious, dismiss all charges.


8:15 in repeat please XD


Man.. somehow having Trump in your vid lowers intelligence of people commenting by 50%..

Lisa Galarza

The Trump Tower depiction was so accurate! xD

Jose Galindo

everyone does know that Bernie tried to help just like Ron Paul and JFK? America is not free nor brave.


Muhammad had some good ideas about women I gotta admit.


I died when I saw his tiny hands

The Technician next door

Hillary got more sponsors than NASCAR!

Jeff Green

Holy Fuck! Amazing!


Islam is not peace. Islam is slavery by definition(submission), and slavery is never peaceful.

Shaurya Guleria

MUSLIMS ARENT LIKE THIS!!!!! they actually righteously murder pantheists (Quran 9:5), murder atheist (Quran 8:12), people of other religion who cant afford to pay your barbaric taxes (Quran 9:29), Apostates (Sahih Al-Bukhari 4:52:260) and ESPECIALLY IF YOU'RE GAY (Sunan Abu Dawud 38:4447)