If you ask me, anything over $5 is too much for the “border wall”…


Democrats holding firm on $1.3B offer for border security, no wall

Members of Congress start returning to Washington today to work on ending a six-day partial government shutdown. Most national parks and federal buildings are closed and hundreds of thousands of federal employees are working without pay. In Iraq, President Trump insisted that the shutdown will not end until funding is secured for his border wall. Chip Reid reports.



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Gemma Potts

How many people have been indicted, plead guilty, cut a deal, or sit in jail? This looks more line a crime syndicate every day. So many crooks looking to get rich quick off the American government. Some were even willing to sell out to a long standing enemy ! If you technically can’t call it treason , it still is selling your country out for profit! Let’s give this a name! Whose brand should we use? Hm…..

Don Brock

Do we need a wall?

Tom Manley

Build the wall & LOCK HER UP already! ………..**WWG1WGA**


The shut down is costing a billion dollars a day the wall would've been paided for by now.. freaking idiot's..