In Defense Of Anti-Theism… – VIDEO


Clip from the Thursday, February 19th 2015 edition of The Kyle Kulinski Show, which airs live on Blog Talk Radio and Secular Talk Radio monday – friday 4-6pm…



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Militant Anti-theist

Nah, you’re wrong Kyle, I want to forcibly remove religion. Someone go
fetch me a crow bar.

But seriously, the reason these asshats want to misrepresent what
anti-theism is is because they’re terrified of losing the argument. their
only refuge is ad hominem. 

Red Lion

Reza Aslan is a lying cunt. 

Wray Townsend

Thank you…this is exactly what I always say. It’s funny how people are so
quick to slap the label of extremist on you as an atheist for simply
speaking up against religious nonsense and extremism. As an atheist all we
have to do is speak out to be called extreme…for a religious person they
have to bomb an abortion clinic or blow themselves up. 

Samantha Thompson

I thank all the anti-theist for helping me become atheist. If it weren’t
for them talking openly against religion I would still feel forced to
practice in christianity. I lost my faith long before I came to realize I
was an atheist. Studying the bible made me quition why I even believed any
of it was true. So I looked online to see if anyone else had the same
quitions and doubts. Back in 2010 I found thunderfoot, the amazing atheist
and darkmatter. I watched hours of Richard Dawkins. Now I’m a proud


These are very interesting concepts for me to ponder, since I’m a recent
apostate. I was going to consider myself agnostic, but I hadn’t decided

Allow Assisted Suicide

I’ve considered myself antitheist for a few years now, and don’t hide that
fact. Not even from my theist buddies.

It’s simple with me: Respect me enough to to not push your faith on me, and
I will bend over backwards to return the favor. The moment I start hearing
“god this, god that, jesus this…”, then I feel justified in speaking up
on the topic.

Otherwise, despite my feelings that religion is retarded, often preaches
hatred, and allows people to blind themselves to reality, leave me out of
it, and I’ll overlook my sentiments, and treat you with the same respect.

Kenneth Tor

Atheists, Deists and Agnostics are all anti-Theism and secular people . The problem is New Atheist or whatever your calling yourself today are acting like a bunch of know it all dogmatic babies and trying to push your faith on people who don’t what to hear that shit, just like people who don’t want to hear the beliefs of the religious douches out there. We people who don’t believe in religion suppose to express our beliefs with confidents when the opportunity come up around others or within our own circles and destroy religious people within a debate with facts and… Read more »

Mike Dunn

Reza is a lying asshole.

Simon Željko

Nice work Kyle. Nothing to add. Only good atheist is a quiet atheist? Well
fuck that.


Reza is also a hypocrite because he claims that people who criticize Islam
(a belief system) are creating hatred against Muslims, yet he is willing to
demonize atheists (people) and anti-theists (the two groups who are the
most disliked minority in America). 


Religion is such shit. It makes anti theism awesome by default.

Mathias Skolander

I recently became anti-theist, and I have been atheist for a few years. I’m
specifically against Islam because I feel it’s the most dangerous of all
idealogies. But I can’t help but feel I’m being Islamophobic whenever the
topic of Islam is raised. Anyone else feel this way?


It’s official, Secular Talk is my number #1 political discussion channel.

Kyle sure puts a lot of thoughts into the commentary. He’s got balls to
discuss topics without dancing around the issue, fearing backlashes &

Cheers, Kyle! Keep up the great work, brother. 

Private Property

Religion will always fail to reform mankind , because religion is simply

Fedorawnda Jones

*HA!* I knew you were an atheist all along Kyle, and it is about time you
made a video coming out about it. As an elite atheist ordained into the
community by the great Dawkins himself, I tip my fedora in respect to you
for entering the intellectual sphere of rational individuals. *tips fedora


Bernard Rednix

many people can’t tell the difference between secular state and state

James Stewart

I just love how everyone generalizes atheists but then go around and say u
can’t generalize about any other grp but atheists are ok to generalize and
say they are all bad even though atheists are lowest on the list of I’m
gonna kill u for my belief 

Genuilon X

“Religion is harmful.”

You mean religious *fundamentalism* can be harmful?

What about the sociological & psychological roots of religious
Poverty, inadequate education, wars, resentment, prejudice,
financial/political gains etc.
(I’m no expert)

I think we should be targeting the root causes…


Reza Aslan is the most intellectually dishonest piece of shit I have had
the displeasure of watching. 


Now look, I’m calling no one a Communist and I’m not saying atheists are Socialists, Communists, or what have you. But Engels and Lenin both wrote about how the tyranny of the few used religion as a method to keep the poor proletariat weak and enslaved. In Soviet Russia, they tried to exterminate all forms of religion. Marx saw Anglicans, Lutherans, and Catholics as all being held to some version where if God existed, he delighted in the cruel mockery of humanity. This is contrasted with the more extreme versions of anti-theism by Engels and Lenin. In reality, there are… Read more »

Alex xeon

I fucking hate the religious, even more so than the libtarded sjws and PC
police retards.

Khalamity Jane

My experience with ‘Anti-theists” is that they are just as arrogant,
self-righteous, intolerant, and hateful as the fundamentalists that they
despise. I don’t think it’s ever occurred to many of them that militant
atheism can become a religion too.To understand what I mean, read “When
Atheism Becomes Religion” by Chris Hedges. We must ALL be careful lest we
become like that which we detest the most. 


While I am not against religion enough to be considered an anti-theist I am definitely an atheist. Mainly because I have no reason to believe in any God. I don’t see the hocus pocus, and I think everything in the bible Quran and other religious tests are simply myths no different from that of ancient religions. In fact all religions evolve from primal and ancient religions. I say in my mind they can’t all be right, so they might as all be wrong. I am not going to break my neck to figure out which God to serve. If you… Read more »


Btw according to an encyclopedia on history, only 7% of wars in recorded
history were motivated by religion. 

The Liberal Lion

The reason I identify as an atheist and not an anti-theist is simply because it gets exhausting having to identify with every single word, term, and phrase that by definition I technically agree with. So yes, if you go by the dictionary definition of the words, I’m an atheist as well as an agnostic, anti-theist, a secularist, a humanist, a feminist, a liberal, a progressive, a moderate, a centrist, cisgender, sex positive, heterosexual, male, etc. etc. etc………after a while it just gets exhausting to label myself whatever makes the people in the room I’m talking to feel the most comfortable.… Read more »

Matthew Madruga

I just sit and watch the world burn.


Kyle……what you are saying is partly not true. Chris Hitchens for instance has been on record praising Lenin for forcibly removing the Russian Orthodox Church from Russian society. Not to mention Harris has said in some of his writings that certain people with bad ideas in his utopic society should be put to death, hypothetically. Also…………the reason why the term Anti Theist has a negative connotation is the same reason why the term Fundamentalist does. Are all fundamentalists violent? No, obviously not. But fundamentalism in history has typically been associated with a militant propagation of a certain faith or ideology.… Read more »

Lukasz Stafiniak

Nah. I define it differently. Agnosticism is the lack of belief regarding
God (in probabilistic terms, a fifty-fifty belief regarding existence of
God). Atheism is the belief that there is no God (in probabilistic terms,
the belief that there probably is no God). Anti-theism has a stronger
variant: the belief that the existence of God as defined by theistic
religions would be worse than a naturalistic world without God; and a
weaker variant: belief that the belief in God is harmful. You have a point
though in that atheism plus the belief that having false beliefs is harmful
implies weak anti-theism.

Andy Rosebrook

If you follow humanism and the secular enlightenment to it’s logical conclusion, you have to hold the anti-theist position. Just like atheist, though, it’s a label that I think we should not use for ourselves. Like athiest, anti-theist has it’s own deformities: 1. Right out of the gate, it’s negative. It is a negative word, and it carries negative, non-empowering connotations. It’s a negation of what, for worse probably, 70%+ of the world find the most important thing in life. It makes ME feel negative just from the definition and the thought, and that’s not a great starting point for… Read more »


I respectfully disagree. The mouvement and thoes that self identify as
New-Atheist often do arm by making atheism something more then what it is.
Can a community of atheist stand for something else? Yes of course. But
when you brand it a name like New Atheist you are essentially insulting all
the other atheist who don’t buy into your club. 

Luisa Maria Ibáñez-Solano

Well. Here is an Anti-Theist who would happily remove Religion from society by force, with a fucking meat cleaver if I could. It’s a fucking cancer which as Hitchens put it: “Poisons everything” and the whole of humanity would be better off without it. You never hear of an anti-theist enslaving someone of another faith because their God said it was okay, you never hear of them beheading people because they insulted the prophets Hitchens, Dawkins, Sagan etc, you never hear of them herding people into death camps in an attempt to exterminate them all simply because they’re different. All… Read more »

Christopher P.

Don’t forget “militant atheist” Kyle. And what does a militant atheist do?
Gives speeches, and writes articles and books. So militant.

James Hein

Kyle, your definition of anti-theism is wrong, man, sorry. How the fuck would you be an atheist and not think religions aren’t true? Of course an anti-theist at the very least believes humanity would be better off if all religions became extinct. Reza has a point when he says the idea of anti-theism started in the 18th century. You may say it’s not the same thing, and yes, very few modern atheists say shit about forcibly removing religion from society, but if you go back to the 18th century, they absolutely do! How about “Man will never be free until… Read more »

i'm watchingwhatyourdoin

2 thumbs up Kyle, very well done. I will start looking into becoming a


Repost: Human touch. It’s a vary sensitive filling that we all have. It’s almost as if anything we touch comes to life! language is alive because we speak it. Religion is alive because we believe it. Now! Anything that is alive can change,…kill, live, care, love, lead, hate ..etc. People protect life, their life. Something that is dead can’t change, can’t kill, and can no longer be protected. All the religions we Talk about are alive. We created it. We can Change it. …..We can dismantle it ….kill it ……that’s what we are doing slowly. The people that still want… Read more »


I will defend muslims and christians to the extent they are not devout in their faith. I have met people who call themselves muslims, but are willing to drink alcohol, eat pork, have pre-marital sex, treat women as equals, not judge women for having pre-marital sex, supporting a woman’s right to choose to have an abortion, support gay rights, etc. I have also met similar liberal christians. There are liberal muslims/christians out there that choose to ignore the hateful parts of their religion and I dont condemn them. I do however condemn the actual teachings of islam and Christianity and… Read more »

Jacques Celliers

I am one of the people you speak of in this video. I don’t have an issue with “anti-theism” or opposition to religion per se, I suppose all atheists are anti-theist, its human nature to want to spread our beliefs. I just find the likes of Dawkins rather toxic. Although he doesn’t advocate forceful atheism directly or personally, I don’t think everyone would get that from what he says and I fear he is breeding a dangerous ideology of religious intolerance, which in my view is the real problem that religion often gets scapegoated for. Its preachy and isn’t any… Read more »

Danielle Riley

I love this video. It makes me realize that my thoughts on atheism were
wrong. I am religious (pagan) but I like things like separation of church
and state, science, history, facts, and a lot of things that people tell me
religious people don’t like. I just want people to know that people can be
religious and smart. And I think sometimes people forget that there are
more religions than juts the Abrahamic religions. There are even more than
Hindu and Buddhism


To be fair to Reza, anti-theism has been used to forcibly remove religious
institutions in China, the Soviet Union, Albania, North Korea, so his
definition isn’t totally inaccurate, if not grandiose 

Krickistina plays

If I want to write something to Kyle, how do I do it? He never reads the
youtube comments does he? He talks about responding to people on Twitter
but I wanted to write something about how the drug war affects sweden and
how we’re worse here than the US. When mainly he compliments us on
politics. But we have 20x more people dying per capita from drugs in Sweden
than Portugal. Twitter seems too short for this…

Zum Zamim

Attempting to get rid of religion makes no sense really. Aside from the
near inevitability that religion will fade further and further on its own
as society moves forward, there are extreme political ideologies that are
more than ready to fill the void that religion leaves. Just subtract god
and substitute millions of new Social Justice Warriors and Tea Partiers. 


anti theism and atheism are immoral cults. thats all they ever will be. i
have no issues with agnostics, but fuck atheists, they are nothing nut in
the wrench of the gears of society. 

AJ Muzik

As a young 25-year-old gay man who grew up in a Christian household, went
to a private Christian school for 8 years, and from age 15 to adulthood was
exposed to the Nation Of Islam, I am glad to be an antitheist. And on top
of that, I’m a Buddhist.

Robert Maiorana

I don’t think knowing if there is a god or not is hard question Kyle, I
think a harder question or thought is like thinking about what’s beyond the
universe if it’s expanding. Lol I literally get a headache trying to think
about what is out there besides our universe?


Being against bad ideas does not mean you are a bigot. Religion just
happens to have plenty of bad ideas. So to criticize theism does not make
you a bigot.


I disagree with the statement that anti-theists think religions aren’t
true. Of course religions are true. What we disagree with is the
erroneous claims made by those religions, the viral nature of belief, and
the societal damage that results.

Raymond Ross

I think a big problem is people tend to group anti-theist with
militant-theist in the same regard (almost in the same way people treat the
term atheist vs agnostic) or even: it’s just a theory– a guess, which it’s
hardly that.


I forcibly want to remove religion from society. I am a true believer that human kind, and our planet will benefit as well, if religion was eradicated. However, force is not the right answer. Patience and education are the right answer. First, we { USA) have to get out of the Middle East and let them deal with their Crusades. Israel has to take care of themselves. Sorry buddy, we gave you too much support. It is time to separate. At home we need to enforece a little stonger separation of state and church. Allocate a portion of the tax… Read more »