Indianapolis GOP idiots are going nuts because public schools want to make sure all the kids eat… VIDEO


Indianapolis Schools to Offer Free Meals to ALL Students, Causing Conservative Freakout! (Video)

Free and reduced price meals are a fact of life in public schools in America. After all, more than 1 out of every 5 children come from a poor household, and shamefully, the United State ranks 34th out of 35 of the most developed nations in the world when it comes to child poverty rates.

And, studies have shown that children who eat sufficient meals learn better in school. And it is this rationale that the superintendent of the Indianapolis school district believes justifies a federally-backed plan to not only serve free meals to less well-off children, but to ALL children in the 31,000-student district.

77 percent of IPS students already qualify for free meals as things stand now, while only 18 percent are required to pay for their meals based on their family income levels. IPS Superintendent Lewis Ferebee believes that providing every student with a meal will lead to an improvement in health and increase student focus in the classroom.

Hunger and having a healthy lunch and breakfast should not be a barrier to teaching and learning,” he said. “It’s our mission to remove every barrier to teaching and learning. I don’t want a stomach growling. I don’t want somebody thinking about lunch or breakfast.”

“We want to make sure our students are healthy and well fed so they can learn.”

Funding for the free meal program will come from the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Community Eligibility Provision of the Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act of 2010. 40 percent or more of a school’s students must qualify for free meals to meet eligibility requirements to receive the funding.

Starting in the 2014-15 school year, all IPS students will receive a free breakfast, lunch, and a snack of fresh fruit or vegetable, irregardless of their family income level.

The program has been very well received by many in the Indianapolis area, but others have thrown the red flag, complaining that they don’t want their tax dollars paying for school meals, despite the fact that our tax money already goes towards paying for the meals of prison inmates.

Here are some of the negative reactions pulled from the Indianapolis Star Facebook page, Most of them based on the standard conservative “personal responsibility” canard, but some of the responses are based on just plain old ignorance.

“ITS NOT FREE!!!! I’ll be paying for it! Where’s my free breakfast and lunch????”

“Because people keep having kids they cannnot or will not take care of…”

“Maybe if they shoot each other like they are now we won’t have to provide breakfast or lunch”

“Why are parents not able to feed their own kids if they need a job call me”

“War on diabetes war on obesity and war on hunger. Aren’t all those attributed to lower socio economic factors? Thanks big govt”

“Wow what’s that costing tax payers. Your paying for everyone’s kids that are in school whether you have kids or not!!!”

“A certain amount of hardship a kid experiences builds character.”

“How about the children earn their lunches by working at their schools?”

“Its not the child’s fault, its the parents fault but again why is it our responsibility??”

“Hey progressives, why don’t we make all school children wards of the states? Like prisoners. I mean most are not being taught how to think critically. Instead, they are being indoctrinated to carry on and perpetuate the welfare state.”

“Nothing against kids, if you can’t afford em, don’t have em. Don’t rely on taxpayers to feed your kids. Parents shouldn’t rely on free lunches & always looking for free handouts.”

Watch the local news report from WHTR-13.

13 WTHR Indianapolis

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