Inside Mexico’s Drug War part 3 – VIDEO


NBC’s Dateline Chris Hansen goes deep inside Mexico’s drug war.

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  1. @chivasmonarcas1966 you keep on saying the same shit foo!! say something
    different!! i can tell right away that you dont speak english at all!!.
    fuck you bitch…

  2. Ojala todo fuera tan sencillo. Esta gente no va querer ser educada o bien
    portada. Estan acostumbrados a matar o morir. No es como nuestra realidad
    de arcoiris pintada en los barrios clase medieros de nuestro país.

  3. sergio is shit that nobody wanted ha ha ha ha im glad he has to live in the
    shithole called mexicoits a fun place to visit and kill shitty fucks

  4. @mitsubishi777 mexico is awesome. everything is cheap and you can do
    whatever you want. everyone is nice and people. obviously the cartels are
    messing things up. other than that is great.

  5. It does not matter anymore anyways …. government will not do anything for
    society now a days…SUPPLY & DEMAND will always prevail ….

  6. Chris hansen; Why dont you have a seat over there? Mexican guy: okay Chris
    Hansen: why are you here today? Mexican Guy: To talk about my dead sister
    Chris Hansen: oh, thats not whats here in the logs Mexican guy: ?? Chris
    Hansen: its says your here to have sex with your sisters dead corpse
    Mexican guy: O.O Mexican guy tries to do a runner and the police try to
    arrest him

  7. drugs are not the enemy?.my god realises tht,the drugs make people to alter
    their mind and can make them to do horible things.this is the fact..prevent
    while u can

  8. Hansen’s overdone drama-voice ruins any subject he’s involved with. Who can
    listen to this sleaze?

  9. I grew up in Los Mochis Sinaloa, MX. My adopted parents were both dope
    heads, the only thing they wanted to know was could I get them some good
    shit. Now it has changed, money is everything, life has little value. I
    know, El Azteca.

  10. I’m not Mexican, but I seriously think the USA should help out Mexico I
    come from a drug war country (Brazil) there we have favelas that’s where
    all the drug wars take part, luckily for me my family were really wealthy
    and we didn’t live there….anyways I really think the USA should help

  11. RIP to the mother Marisela, she tried to find justice for her daughter and
    was killed for it. Impunity is the greatest crime that Mexico let’s happen.

  12. @mitsubishi777 well u are a retard, there is no comparission,mexico sucks ,

  13. @chivasmonarcas1966 hahahaha crees qe me aguita tu comentario cagado!!
    hahaha pobresito de tii pedasito de mierda apestosa!!!

  14. The world is a dangerous place ! Not because of those that do evil, But ,
    because of those who stand by and do nothing ! Albert Einstien .

  15. @mitsubishi777 yea i ve seen videos of it on the internet. didnt know
    mexicans or mexican cartels were known in japan lol they are ruthless. some
    of them are former commandos!

  16. @CAinfowarrior Oboma is a puppet working one of his handlers is George
    Soros The real people who run Amerrica are Rothchilds, Rockerfellers, to
    name a few Go to INFOWARS.COM for more

  17. @FantomasMXss legalise drugs, let the people who want to do it seek it
    out… look at european countries!! they have done this and there has been
    no imflux in drug addiction

  18. @Massacese09 si si creo que te aguitas pendejo hijo de reputa madre!!!! si
    no entonces porque contestas?

  19. tyranny flourishes in countries where you barely let a citizen arm
    themselves. What’s a .38 vs AR-15’s? Not much.

  20. Guns have been flowing into Mexico and Canada from the U.S for years, long
    before Obama took office. Guns and drugs have been smuggled across the
    border for decades. During prohibition it was booze. No conspiracy BS, just
    people trying to make money. You are just another conspiracy nut. You lack
    knowledge and critical thinking…Let me guess you never went to

  21. @CAinfowarrior they actually started checking cars going out of the US like
    couple years ago. Watch border wars by national geographic

  22. @mitsubishi777 Mexico itself is awesome. Been there many times. Love the
    people. It was until the drugs fucked it up, specifically the drug cartels

  23. People are really stupid Mexican police are not the only people been bought
    by the cartels it’s everyone whit money many doors open now in days
    druglords have bought the most powerful people in order to stay at the top
    come on people wake up

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