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Right on because “Goober” is lame….

I got “smelly fuck captain”. Nice!

Because that’s what I live for, approval from lame-ass hipsters. 😛

Your calling me a hipster? lmao do your research. Absolutely any other other insult would have been more accurate.

Waste my time researching losers who feel the need to critique a page admin? Nah. I’ll call it as I see it based on the evidence at hand. 🙂

Wanna see what I can do? 🙂

Keep it in your pants….. articles are great, no reason to criticize that. Same description gets old. Know what I mean brah? Lol you started with the personal insults…

You just used the word “brah”, and then you wonder why you earned the moniker “lame-ass hipster”? Really? 😀

Wow, lamer than I initially thought. Who knew it was possible? 😛

That was exactly the point… glad you didn’t get it lmao

You didn’t make a point. I did. It appears to me that you amuse yourself quite easily. Are you your own best audience? 🙂

In any case, are you ready for what I can do? 🙂

Smh… butt hurt yank. You can buy some Prep H for that…. Do I get guess which “stupid state” your from first? Oh no block me, is that all you can do?


Anyway,peace guy, u do a decent job.