Wow, George W. Bush is still a clueless, fucking idiot… – VIDEO

 George W. Bush is such a funny man, probably a great guy to have a beer or two and share some laughs with. But he was a lousy president, and based on what he said Sunday during an interview on CBS News, he apparently has very little self-awareness… or maybe just a keen sense of irony.

Bush told host Bob Schieffer that he and other famous Bushes had to “earn” their way into politics, and that the family’s political dynasty did not help the political success they have had.

After telling Schieffer that his mother is wrong to think that there have been enough presidents in his family, Bush said this:

“Sometimes her prognostications haven’t been very accurate. No, I think you have to earn your way into politics. I don’t think that anything is ever given to you.”

Let that sink in for a second. George W. Bush grew up in a wealthy, well-connected family. His father of course was Vice-President under Ronald Reagan and then became the president after Reagan. The junior Bush was able to attend Yale, where he was a “C” student. And then he became a businessman thanks to his family’s wealth and connections, and not a very good one at that. His ascension into politics came because he started on third base, thanks to his father.

Jeb Bush, should he decide to run for the presidency, would of course enjoy the same advantages as his older brother did. So make no mistake about it, the Bush family are aristocrats, part of the exclusive one percent club that is damn near impossible for the rest of us to break into.

And George W. Bush’s definition of “earn” is certainly different than how the rest of us would describe it.

Watch it below.


H/T: Raw Story

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