Is anti-theism a good idea? Can religion be good? | Reflection on Harris v. Peterson


Recently Sam Harris and Jordan Peterson had some discussions about the goodness (or lack thereof) and the truth (or lack thereof) of Christianity. I want to point out what I think was blocking the discussion from going where it should have, and give my own thoughts on the topic.

Go watch the discussions between JBP and Harris yourself to get some context (they’re all well over an hour and there’s four of them but they’re worthwhile, I think)


If you agree with me, great. If you disagree, better!

I am on a quest for truth and it would be absurd to assume I have anything close to everything right. Please discuss your differences with me!

See you next video! 🙂

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Life was Given to us

I don’t think Jordan Peterson is gray and foggy about the truth of Christianity at all, I believe he’s taking it seriously, because it’s been an ongoing phenomenon since the beginning of human kind, he isn’t just throwing his hands up and calling it a failed science, or a superstition.

Have you read any C.S Lewis?

Cameron Gilchrist

P.S. Slavery is still a thing in the western civilized world if it were not for Christian abolitionists. The anti-slavery movement was a Christian cause. You don't know what you're talking about when it comes to this topic. Your historical illiteracy is showing.


I appreciate you giving JP the benefit of the doubt.


While I think Jordan Peterson has been a force for good, especially as it relates to encouraging people to get their life in order as well as advocating for free speech, I am in full agreement that he needs to pick a side. For the purpose of clarity, Jordan, if you are an Atheist who happens to appreciate the motifs of aspects of Genesis, that fine. Just admit it. If you are a Christian who has a very loose and nuanced interpretation of the Bible, that's also fine. Just admit it. Sam Harris also has been a great advocate for… Read more »

Think Club

If Peterson took the atheist position he would not be able to mend the rift between the two camps. The fact that the evangelical atheists hate JP for that is actually a good thing, since they are the ones reasonable atheists like myself want to purge from our ranks. These people are hated by most of society for good reason. So bending to their wishes is a monumentally stupid act. Sam Harris is not popular in mainstream society. He has a fringe following at best.