Is Atheism “a Religion”? – VIDEO


Pastor Wagner shows gives six reasons why atheism is a religion. For more information, check out: For a copy of the outline used for this video, see: http://www.minnea…



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“#Atheism is a religion too, and those people are the worst” … – #Cartoons #Insane


Bionic Dance certainly took you to the woodshed. Can you admit you were

“The rod and reproof give wisdom:”


You haven’t a clue about what atheists really think, nor what evolution
is. You are wrong on every issue in this video. You didn’t just miss the
bull’s eye, you missed the entire target.


I’m a PhD molecular biologist with years of experience and I have NEVER heard of a “law of biogenesis”. You made that up or stole it from a creationist. Doesn’t your religion tell you not to lie or steal? Get your facts straight. … I googled for “law of biogenesis” and found “The law of biogenesis, attributed to Louis Pasteur, is the observation that living things come only from other living things, by reproduction (e.g. a spider lays eggs, which develop into spiders).” So I was wrong. See? It’s not hard to admit one is wrong when one is wrong!… Read more »


Response even before watching the video: atheism does not include unsupported belief–AKA faith–in the existence of something supernatural. Nor does it come with a philosophy of life or claims about the origin of the universe. By definition, *not a religion.* Atheism is *one thing:* The absence of belief in religion’s claims, especially a god. It does not require *rejection* of those claims; it is only necessary to not have belief in them. It would not shock me to discover this video making these mistakes in its claims of atheism being a religion. Also, what is the point of claiming that… Read more »


“Atheists believe that the universe is eternal …” Woah there! You are
speaking lies from 1:09 on! Atheists merely DO NOT THINK THERE ARE GODS.
That’s it. Period. Stop lying. Stop propagating lies to others. You are
really offensive for pretending to know what someone else believes and then
broadcasting the untrue concept without consulting them.


So let me ask you something……IF this is true, should an atheist church
be able to get tax breaks and if so, should they NOT have to show these
books to anybody (just like religious churches and why a lot are
corrupt….they don’t have to show their books to ANYBODY). My guess is
you’re going to say, “no…atheist “churches” should NOT received tax
breaks and if they do, they should have to show their book unlike us”…And
I’m sure you’ll use a brilliant argument for that one too….

nibbs b

Thanks Pastor. Wagner. Great explanation

The Supreme. Court’s. and Seven. Circuit. Court. Ruling.
Berger Vs Renesselear cent. sch corp.982f.d 11668_69__7th Cir. 1993
Wallace vs Jaffee 472 Us 38. 1985
Lemon vs Kuatzman 403Us 602 1971

Declared. Atheism. has same religious Rights category. As
Believers in a deity or not

2Thessalonians. 2:11


…yup. I’m less than 3 minutes in and so far, I’m 100% correct.

Self-replicating whatnot

Lots of tortured backwards thinking and comparisons that simply don’t work.
Shame on you, Pastor Wagner, and i pity your congregation if it so happens
that you have any.

Robin Dude

Bionic Dance nailed you pretty well, but let’s go through a few more things. First, as BD noted, being an atheist does not require acceptance of anything at all, merely the lack of acceptance of the god-claims of religion. Consider the reverse side as well. Theism is not a religion. *Christianity* is a religion (actully a collection of religions), but theism is not. However let’s all ignore that for now and talk about those who accept science as the best we can do for now (basically what you call atheism the religion). You suggest that, to an atheist, the universe… Read more »


Pastor Wagner, you really should invest in a dictionary. Good companion to
the Babble. Also, I would advise you to avoid phrases like “most
religions” when arguing that non-religions are religions. It only makes
you look stupid. Which we both know you’re not, right?

Achron Timeless

Your argument, shifted to television: “Off” is the most highly watched tv
channel on the planet. So their shows should be judged the same as every
other channel.. even though they don’t have any… or something..


HAHAHAHA…….Wow….The “doctrine” of evolution? hahahah. I swear….It
would be such a better world if people who argue against evolution would
actually learn it about it form experts instead of “learning” it from
another creationist…..this would be more honest too, but na….who care
about honesty when you’re arguing about sweet-baby-Jesus….it’s ok to lie
for him, right?


Dude are you serious, i can get you hate people for not following your
cult, but come on, this is pathetic.


Well, allow me to retort!


Religion – the belief and worship of a superhuman or controlling power,
especially a personal God or gods.

No. Atheism is not a religion. 


Here is a suggested topic for you, the bible warns of the number of the
beast, “666”, now in Hebrew, W = 6, so every time you click on a web site
aren’t you accepting the number of the beast since they all start with www
or 666?


No. How about realizing that you are propagating a mythology and that is
incredibly dishonest and immoral?

Ancient City Atheist

Pastor Wagner, you are more proof that religion poisons the mind. Please
do not attempt to drag atheism down to the level of a religious
delusion. The only thing being an atheist implies is the lack of belief in
a god, and no the universe is not a god.


Are you sure you going to school lately?~ because I think you need a little
bit of help sir~


Here is your line of reasoning: If the universe had a beginning, it had a cause, if it had a cause that requires a thing outside the universe which is God. Talk about your conclusions not being drawn from your premises. A. We do not know the universe had a beginning, therefore the entire following conclusions are unfounded, but you did say “if” so continuing on. B. That such a beginning requires 2 things; a ‘thing’, and an ‘outside of the universe’ – neither of which can be demonstrated to being necessary or true. C. At most assuming all the… Read more »


So what you’re trying to say here is ……”I know we are, but you’re just
as bad”……


That was a total fail from you but keep it coming. A good laugh is always
welcome. 🙂 


The universe is eternal. Some atheists believe that but not all of them. If it has a beginning… Demonstrate how using facts that this universe had a beginning. Beginnings,endings etc are all concepts therefore all gods are concepts therefore no gods exist. In the “beginning” of the universe after the big bang event there was such a thing as now. That ‘now’ is the exact same now as the now that is found in the present or a hundred years into the future with or without humans or any other intelligence to define the phenomena of now or now-ness. The… Read more »


If, deep down, you really don’t believe all this religious mythology then
check out

luke fender

Go watch BionicDance’s video. You got destroyed.


auditioning for stand-up comedy, pastor?


I really hope this video was a joke…’re just embarrassing yourself
if it wasn’t 


Not sure where you get this list of qualities of religion but even going with it: 1. Belief in a higher power that is the reason for one’s existence? *Nope.* Atheism is specifically a LACK of belief in a higher power, and really this is one of the biggest ones so it is a major strike against your definition. 2. Believe in things that cannot be observed and must be accepted by faith? *Nope.* Not many atheists accept anything which cannot be observed or otherwise demonstrated or tested; doesn’t require operating by faith. Certainly ATHEISM doesn’t do this since atheism… Read more »