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Let’s have some impartial and non-propagandist history.

I also guess that there is certainly some considerable Redneck culture in American History out there too. That’s Not so great.

RT @holesinthefoam: Is it even possible to … – http://t.co/MdPQkckVAS #Atheism #Rednecks #ReligiousGoobers #StupidStates http://t.co/p8fK…

Anything can now be glorified. The purveying meme of American life: all attention is good attention.

It’s been a while since I’ve seen THC… Is this really true? 🙁 It used to be quite good!

They did a whole series on the BIBLE last year for fuck’s sake. :/

I remember the documentary on Vlad the Impaler being a really good one… I don’t have a tv anymore though so books are currently my friend 😛

Ya seriously! Thats what I been saying all along

I used to like those classic Olympic shows they used to play

Fuckin right! I am sick of their stupid shit. The History Channel has really sunk to an all time low.

yes, exactly what does fixing old cars and arresting bad people have to do with history? I used to watch history channel all the time but not once in the past 6 months

The “history” channel is mostly bogus stuff and propaganda.