Is the GOP ultimately doomed?


Came across this piece by Sasha Wolfe. She nails it. From the degradation of the GOP to a political equivalent of lethal magma, to the malignant degree of ignorance spewing from the right, she gets it, and with the right perspective. That’s rare. The piece is a bit of a long read, but worth it. And while she’s an unabashed liberal as opposed to my rather centrist stance, she’s clearly unapologetic when it comes to the Democrats as well. She raises many questions that are ripe for debate. Even if you don’t agree with her, it’s good morning reading, I’ll be checking out her blog more closely in the future. 

by Sasha Wolfe

Is the Grand Old Party doomed for extinction?

Our last Republican president is now generally considered one of the worst in the nation’s history. The Bush legacy includes misleading the American people to fight an unnecessary war in Iraq and overseeing a global financial disaster due to fiscal incompetence and a poorly regulated banking system. The modern Republican Party has now lost the last two presidential elections, its electoral base is rapidly shrinking. Despite electoral rejection the Republican controlled congress seems intent on ensuring no budgetary or reform progress can be made under the Obama administration. The Grand Old Party, and the nation as a whole, is now being held hostage by a relatively small minority of right wing extremists who are incapable of compromise or bi-partisan politics. Republican intransigence on budget approvals, nomination approvals, gay and lesbian rights, immigration and gun reform are at complete odds with the vast majority of Americans. Given the GOP’s natural voter base of white Christian conservatives is now in the minority and shrinking, and that many moderate Republicans are being pushed to the left by the extreme right, the future of the party seems bleak indeed.

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